October’s Top-Rated Beers for January

January 31, 2019

By October Staff, January 31, 2019

Breweries have wasted no time in launching bold, gutsy releases for the beginning of 2019. This month, we’re into all sorts of IPAs, from a juicy, New England-style number that practically defines the genre to a crisp, bone-dry brew that proves brut IPAs are more than a passing fad. Our review team also leaned hard into a rich bourbon barrel-aged stout and a textbook porter—winter warmers ideal for keeping the polar vortex outside.

87: New Belgium’s Brut IPA
“In making Brut IPA, New Belgium clearly understood what makes the style so appealing. It’s dry, but not too totally void of sweetness. It’s hoppy, but with the right balance of flavor and bitterness.” — Tucker Anders

88: Lagunitas’ Willettized Coffee Stout Bourbon Aged Stout
“Drinkers will find plenty of boozy warmth here, with the rye whiskey barrels adding vanilla, caramel, and fig flavors. You’d expect a bit more spice from the rye, but the sweetness from the oak is the star here.” — Tom Thornton

88: Reuben's Brews’ Robust Porter
“Bold in aroma and flavor with a roasty bite, it’s what a robust porter should be.” — Jesse Bussard

90: Stone and Aviation Gin's Liquid Compass IPA
“For an 8.5% double IPA, this drinks less like an oddball collaboration, and more like a crowd-pleasing brew. It’s hard to make brewing look this easy.” — Tom Thornton

92: Firestone Walker’s Easy Jack
“It takes experience to use these hops together effectively. With Easy Jack, the result speaks for itself. It’s a session IPA with all the complex flavor and aromas you could want from a full-bodied version.” — Tucker Anders

99: Fair State and Modern Times Spirit Foul
“Fair State and Modern Times crossed 2,000 miles to conjure this spectacle of hoppy juiciness, and it was worth every inch of distance. The New England-style IPA trend may calcify and fade, but Spirit Foul will remain as an emblem of the greatness the style can achieve.” — Jerard Fagerberg

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