One (Beer) Nation Under Trump

June 28, 2017

By Christine Terrisse, June 28, 2017

Although he has a well-documented Diet Coke habit, as far as we know Donald Trump has yet to fuel his late night tweeting with a nice shandy, or clink Belgian sour glasses with Justin Trudeau. He has certainly never tipped back Laško lager with Melania. He is as notoriously dry as he is notorious.

Beer is the ultimate social drink, something that Barack Obama seemed to understand when he hosted a so-called “Beer Summit” and brought together Vice President Joe Biden, Sergeant Crowley, and Professor Henry Louis Gates to smooth differences over mugs of brew. Incidentally, the Obama White House is the first to bring home brewing to the Presidential mansion.

As divided as our country seems to be, it still has an overall beer market that was worth around $106 billion last year. Perhaps the best way for Donald Trump to Make America Great Again is to focus on what unites many Americans: a love of beer.

So, in a desire to find common beer-drinking ground, I interviewed local Trump supporters and anti-Trump supporters. While some stuck to classic lagers made by big national brands, others waxed poetic on local breweries. One thing they all shared was a love of beer and country.

  • Jason and Chelsea
    mid-20s; Lancaster, CA

    Jason works in beer distribution for WA Thompson, MillerCoors.

  • Trump supporter?
    Jason: “Yes.” Chelsea “No.”

    Favorite beers    
    Jason: “I love the dark porters stouts are my favorite, Irish red ales are really good too. I try and stay away from the lighter beers, I’ll try them out but I’m not really a big Hef fan or anything like that. I like The Belching Beaver and I love it here [at Transplants Brewery in Palmdale], it’s awesome.”
    Chelsea: “Stone and Ballast Point. Stone IPAs are one of my favorite go-tos. We love sour, tart, [beers] like Ballast Point, their Peach Tart – that’s one of my favorites, too.”

    Name your Trump beer      
    Chelsea: “Bitter and Orange”
    Jason: “I think I’d just call it ‘Merica. It would be an orange-flavored beer, almost like a Blue Moon. A Hefeweizen…
    Chelsea: “A  sour.”

  • Bryan Giardinelli
    30; Temecula, CA

    Photography and marketing teacher, photographer, graphic designer, founder of California for Progress and America for Progress and progressive activist.

  • Trump supporter?

    Favorite beers    
     “IPA. I went straight for a Double IPA. I skipped Coors Light and PBR. I equate it to skipping weed and going straight to heroin. I don’t want to be a hipster, but I’m going to sound hipster – Pliny. Pliny the Elder. Space Dust, Elysian’s Space Dust, that’s my go-to.”

    Name your Trump beer    
     “It would be just a straight-up Budweiser. When I think of Trump I think of ‘America!’ When I think of Budweiser, I think of what everyone sees as an American brand, which is actually produced in Europe, owned by Europeans, that is out of touch with our American reality.”

  • Joe Fowler
    27; Saugus, CA

    Marine Corps Veteran and owner of Commando Military Surplus in Newhall, where he employs military veterans.

  • Trump supporter?

    Favorite beers    
    “I’m a Coors Light guy. I know everybody is going to say ‘Oh my God, it’s Coors Light the cheapest thing...' but that’s why I drink it, because it’s super cheap and it’s good. I do love Wolf Creek. Pretty much anything from Wolf Creek is awesome. I’m not a big IPA guy, I don’t like really hoppy stuff, but if I decide I got a little extra money to spend, [Firestone Walker] 805.”

    Name your Trump beer     
    “Oh man, that is a tough one. I couldn’t tell you what the name is, but it would definitely have to be an orange beer. Something along the lines of Shock Top.”

  • Jarrid
    28; Valencia, CA

    Manufacturing worker in a 3-D printing company

  • Trump supporter?

    Favorite beers      
    “I love Blue Moon. Red Stripe, and I also like Lagunitas’ IPAs.”

    Name your Trump beer     
    “I would call it Bud Light because it’s whack, you know? It’s nasty, it gets you sick. A bad hangover. Bud Light. That’s what I’d call it.”

  • Sarah and Randi
    39 and 28; Temecula, CA

    “We can’t say what we do.”

  • Trump supporters?
    Sarah: “Yes.” Randi: “Neutral.”

    Favorite beers     
    Sarah: “My favorite beer is Modelo Especial. There’s salt on the rim and it has lime in it so it gives it an extra lime in it. And Bud Light. I was a Zima drinker for a very long time. Do you remember Zima? They’re starting to come back, I think.”
    Randi: “Great White [from Lost Coast Brewery.]  I drink Bud Light all the time, but if I could drink Great White all the time, I would. I like that they’re fruity, almost. It has the orange ish flavor. It has a different taste than everything else.”

    Name Your Trump beer     
    Sarah: “America Great. It would be a light beer. Like a Bud Light.” Randi: “Why don’t we stick to ‘Trump White’ because I like Great White.”

  • Sean Griffin and Dave Goss
    32 and 36; Santa Clarita, CA

    Activists and co-hosts of The Triggering, a conservative podcast. Dave (pictured) is the founder and owner of, a Trump dating website. Sean is a purchasing manager, and custom furniture woodworker. They discuss what beers they are drinking at the top of each podcast.

  • Trump supporters? 

    Favorite beers  
    Dave: “Ten years ago is when I started to get into IPAs and trying out different types of beers and trying to stay away from the Coors Light... Allagash Curieux, that’s one of my favorites that they have on tap here. Avery... I’ve gotten big on sours. Ballast Point is always going to be one of my favorites. I like the straight-up real-deal Sculpin, that’s one of my favorite beers right now."
    Sean: “We have a local brewery, Wolf Creek Brewery out here, they have a nice Desperado IPA which I like. Dave laughs at me, but I’m a big fan of Firestone, I like 805, that’s a beer I drink regularly. 805 is that consistent beer I can always count on. IPAs are hit and miss for me.”

    Name your Trump beer     
    Dave: “I think it would just be called ‘Making Beer Great Again.’ It’s probably going to be a blonde. It’s going to be a blonde where the top comes off real easy.”
    Sean: “I’m going to have to go with ‘Cofeve’ and it will be a robust, chocolatey IPA something to really make you think while you’re drinking.”

  • Peter and Baxter
    32; Downtown Los Angeles by way of Memphis, Tennessee

    Computer Science student with a Journalism degree, formerly of the marketing industry.

  • Trump supporter  
    “No.”  (Baxter declined to state.)

    Favorite beers
    “I’m kind of basic. Pilsners and Lagers are what I kind of prefer. I like North Coast and I like Lagunitas isn’t bad. Angel City is nice because it’s so close. Abita is great, it’s what we drink back home a lot. And when I’m slumming it... what I can’t get here anymore is Yuengling. Mom just sent me a message asking if I want some beer waiting for me and I said ‘Just give me some Yuengling.”

    Name your Trump beer  
    “'You’re Going to Regret This in the Morning.' It’s one of those nasty rice beers. It’s like Budweiser. Like Natty Light.”

  • Mark
    57; San Diego, CA by way of Newport News, Virginia

    Electrical and gas utility worker

  • Trump Supporter?
    "Yes. I like his idea of keeping America First."

    Favorite beers    
    "I like Lagers, Ales and IPAs. Heineken, Guinness Blondes, and Lagunitas and Stone IPAs, and Sculpin."

    Name your Trump beer
    "'The Blonde Bandit,'  bold but not too hoppy."

  • Nina
    31; Los Angeles

    Bartender/server at Baldoria in Chinatown, visual artist and home brewer, Cicerone certified beer server.

  • Trump supporter?

    Favorite beers
    “The first beer I fell in love with is from Chicago where I’m from, Two Brothers Prairie Path, it was my introduction to craft beer. Goose Island before they sold out, Three Floyds. I’m a big fan of Mumford Brewing over here, and Indie Brewing in Boyle Heights. My favorite brewery is Modern Times. I fell in love with Fortunate Islands, a hoppy, tropical wheat, and then Blazing World soon became my favorite by them.”

    Name your Trump beer
    “'S.A.D.!' Sour Apple Double IPA."


    Thanks to Remo Remoquillo for the header illustration.

    ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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