One Eyed Betty's Best Playlist

March 04, 2017

By Mike D'Orazio, March 04, 2017

At One Eyed Betty’s in Ferndale, Michigan, beers rotate through their 40-plus taps like musical preferences. Because a good mix of beers requires a good mix of music, Betty’s has both.

On any given day you could hear any genre of music, depending on when you head in.

“During brunch we have families coming in from church, older folks who don’t like loud music and of course the crowd who imbibed a bit too much the night before,” said Manager Shane Hudson. “Our dinners are the same mix of all walks of life, but as the night goes on we get the younger, drinking crowd.”

Sinatra in the mornings. Rage Against the Machine for the evenings. But don’t expect to hear any EDM or country. It’s definitely not that kind of place.

When the evening drinking crowd is in the building, the musical selection livens up. The manager on duty calls the shots on what’s being played, so there’s always some variety to be heard, depending on who’s running the show.

“If our General Manager Michael is picking the music, I can guarantee he is playing some 80’s hair band. If Graham is playing music, you can expect to hear some 90’s Hip Hop and R&B,” Hudson said. “My go to bands are Greensky Bluegrass, Alt J, Grateful Dead or old R&B like Muddy Waters or Howlin’ Wolf. If it’s later in the night you might walk into some Biggie or Slayer.”

On most days, the playlist is created on the fly. But special occasions call for special music, like Valentine’s Day and love songs. Or when the music world takes a hit.

“When Prince passed away, we played Prince for three days straight,” Hudson said.

And rightfully so.

While the music isn’t intentionally paired with what’s on tap, there will always be a little something for everyone.

“Bob Marley just sounds better to me when I’m drinking a Bell’s Oarsman on a boat, while Black Note tastes better on a cold dark night while listening to some Blues,” Hudson said.

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