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Shacksbury Cider Invites You to Rosé All Day

June 13, 2018

By Matt Osgood, June 13, 2018

Millennials may kill chain restaurants and remain in crippling debt, but we fancy AF. You can tell just by searching the phrase #roséallday on Instagram and scrolling through well-filtered photographic evidence. It’s a status play, showcasing that not only are our tastes refined, but that we’re drinking rosé somewhere special or maybe just outdoors overlooking some body of water with a conveniently timed sunset.

Not content to just remain in varying hues of pink wine, rosé has entered the beer and cider world as well. One of the finest cider-makers in New England is Shackbury, based out of the small town of Vergennes, Vermont (population 2,599, which is, amazingly, the ninth most populous city in the state).

At Shacksbury, co-founder David Dolginow told me that they aim to make “cider that is both daring and complex.” For too long, cider has existed as a sweeter, gluten-free alternative to beer. Ciders made by places like Shacksbury are changing this notion by crafting versions that are just as elegant and refined as some beers. Their Rosé, which comes in 12-oz. cans, is a fitting example. It’s billed as a “brunch” cider, which is fitting because it was made in collaboration with the Brooklyn, New York restaurant Sundays in Brooklyn.

It’s a rosé that’s deceptively drinkable.”

Made with apples picked from an orchard less than 20 miles away and aged on local grape skins, the Rosé is a dry cider with just a slight hint of residual sugars. It pours a dark pink with healthy bubbles of carbonation. There are sweet fruit notes of strawberry and peach. It’s also got that slight tartness that reminds you it’s a cider and not a wine. The 6% ABV is just high enough to keep you honest—the perfect accompaniment to filling up on eggs benedict and hashbrowns.

It’s a rosé that’s deceptively drinkable. It’ll be gone before your food arrives, so make sure you order another, get the perfect filter ready and let the world know where you are.

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