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On Sustainable Beer

  • Guest :Brian Taylor of Whiner Beer Company
  • Duration :20 min
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By Sarah Freeman, June 01, 2017

Beer is wasteful. It creates pounds of spent grain and used water for every 12 ounce can that you enjoy. While some breweries alleviate this burden by reusing water and repurposing grains, sustainability is often considered a luxury that many others can’t afford. 

Brian Taylor, once of Flying Dog, Boulevard and Goose Island, and now of Whiner Beer Company, talks about his newest project, which considered the environment a bit more often than your typical brewery. At the South Side Chicago brewery, he’s making mixed-fermentation beers with a focus on bacterial fermentation.

Even more impressive is the one-building ecosystem that Whiner is a part of. The Plant is attempting to be a zero-waste facility, housing different companies that help each other remain completely sustainable as a single entity, with Whiner at the center providing fuel for a green energy source.

One company's trash is another company's building block, and the whole thing might just be a model for the future. 


Thanks to Remo Remoquillo for the header illustration.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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