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Weekly Beer Releases, Sunday August 20th

August 20, 2017

By Eno Sarris, August 20, 2017

  • 8/24
    Summit Lazy Sipper Blonde Ale

    A refreshing blonde ale brewed with all Minnesota ingredients, Summit Lazy Sipper Ale features Lacey barley from Rahr Malting in Shakopee, Cascade and Crystal hops from Mighty Axe Hops in Ham Lake, and fresh strawberries from the University of Minnesota’s strawberry breeding program. With complex malt notes of toast, breadcrumb, and graham cracker, Lazy Sipper is balanced by gentle hop characteristics of lemon, green tea, and grapefruit. Available only at the Minnesota State Fair.

  • 8/25
    Night Shift Passion Weisse

    Sour Ale Mixed Fermented Sour ale aged with Passion fruits. Pours a dark golden color with a nose of wheat and stone fruit. Taste is passion fruit, wheat, and a bit of lemon.

  • 8/25
    Avery Chai High Brown Ale

    Brown Ales are the Grovers (re: Sesame Street) of the beer world – at least here in the US. But don't let this brown ale pass you by this fall. Avery paired up with local Boulder-based Bhakti Chai to use their Chai concentrate to make this Chai High Brown Ale. The Chai concentrate uses fresh pressed organic Peruvian ginger for an added punch. This beer carries a unique combo of richness, spiciness and drinkability.

  • 8/26
    Burley Oak Coogi Sweater IPA

    Clocking in at 8.8% , this Double IPA is heavily hopped with Citra, and Motueka both on the tail end of the hot and cold side as well as a touch of lactose in the boil for an even extra pillowy mouthfeel. The mouthfeel, low bitterness, and overall hop presence is right where we hoped it would be. Sixth Anniversary party release at the brewery.

  • Here's a sampling of the best beers being released in the coming week around the nation.

    All thanks to our releases team: Kyle Andrus (Canada), James Walker (California), Jason Langendorf, (Pacific Coast), John Barree (Mid-Atlantic), Kent Dolphay (Upper Mid-West), Jake Lampert (Lower Mid-West), MA Parker (Mountains), Ken Goyette (North East Coast), Tucker Anders (Upper South), Travis Campo (Deep South). 

    Thanks, team!

  • 8/20
    Union Craft Older Pro Passionfruit Gose

    Fruited gose aged in Chardonnay barrels with passionfruit. "Fiesta del Sol" Event release along with the Older Pro Guava Gose, which was aged in Chardonnay barrels with guava.

  • 8/20
    Roadhouse Obscura Imperial Stout

    Obscura is brewed to honor the total solar eclipse that much of the US will get to experience on August 21, 2017. Roadhouse Brewing Co. brewed their Imperial stout with currants and cherries. It's 11.0% ABV and 45 IBU. So kick back take in the "obscura", just do so safely.

  • 8/22
    C.H. Evans Simple Belgian Pale Ale

    Cross between a classic Belgian Pale Ale and a Grisette. Tropical fruit aromas give way to a refreshing slightly sweet taste in this light bodied beer.

  • 8/23
    Tidehouse Low Tide Coffee Porter
    Canada East

    Made with Low Point Burundi coffee that was aged in a foeder. Available at brewery.

  • ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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