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Weyerbacher’s Daywrecker Lives up to its Name

July 26, 2018

By Mike Wilpiszeski, July 26, 2018

Living relatively close to Weyerbacher Brewing Company, I have been there plenty of times. They’re known—and rightfully so—for crafting strong beers. While it’s rare to walk into a brewery and see a list of beers wherein the vast majority are above 8.5%, what really sets Weyerbacher apart is that all of its beers are layered with flavor profile complexities. It’s not a one-trick pony churning out similarly boozy beers, but rather a master of brewing diverse styles that are as delicious as they are powerful. The beers aren’t high in alcohol for the sake of being high in alcohol, instead demonstrate and highlight the flavors that can stand up to the ABV. Daywrecker Extra American Ale, which clocks in at 10% ABV, is no different.


Each 16-ounce can in the four-pack is adorned with a Mjölnir, also known as Thor’s hammer, in the process of being slammed into the all-caps “DAYWRECKER” beer name. Mjölnir is branded with a “W” and is surrounded by hops that are toppling in the perceived chaos of the scene. There’s no mistaking it, this beer is going to be loud, but the vibrant colors of the can and the cartoon-style art also implies a playful side to the beer. The beer pours a beaming, early morning sunset orange-tinted yellow. The translucence of the beer and the big, foamy head make add to the statement that the can was conveying: This beer is going to be an intense experience.

Daywrecker certainly has the power to ruin your day in the best possible way.”


In accordance with Weyerbacher’s style and mission, this beer does not read 10% ABV on the nose. Rather, the first wave of scent is a surprisingly clear grapefruit rind—aggressive, but with a juicy and inviting character. There’s a clear, fresh citrus aroma that masks the up front bitterness, most likely from the Citra hops that were a late addition to the brewing process.


Immediately noticeable upon first sip is ripe lime zest, due to the second and final hop varietal used in this ale, Wakatu. This distinct lime-forward bitterness fades into a classic IPA backbone, with a slight floral touch balanced by an array of citrus-fruit. These flavors tone down the malty sweetness as well as the high alcohol content. As the sip finishes, the 10% blazons the taste buds as a not-so-subtle reminder that Daywrecker is not going to be soon forgotten. The resinous, sticky hop flavors and tart characteristics of the beer stay with you; simultaneously allowing you to enjoy the beer slowly and helpfully reminding you that this is a beer that really shouldn’t be rushed through anyway.


Daywrecker certainly has the power to ruin your day in the best possible way. After all, an easily drinkable, exceptionally flavorful 10% ABV ale in a 16-ounce can doesn’t exactly come around often. Daywrecker feels creative and new while still fitting classically into the Weyerbacher that people have come to love—the brewery that continues to “push the envelope of taste experiences, obliterate style guidelines and have a blast.”

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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