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This is Wizard, It's Not so Complicated

March 17, 2017

By William Helzlsouer, March 17, 2017

I began reading the Harry Potter series of books to my daughter and son this past winter. We read a chapter or so a night. It is generally my favorite part of the day.

My daughter is six and only now starting to see some of the rough edges of life; that people can be unwelcoming, hostile, and on occasion cruel. Reading the story of a young orphan boy who is also a wizard pushing back against a cruel and sometimes dangerous world can allow for conversations about complex issues. “Why are some people so mean to Hagrid?” or “Why is Draco Malfoy a bully?”

Questions like these feel infinitely easier to talk about compared to what may come from watching just a few minutes of national news on any given night. In that sense, the story of the young wizard is an uncomplicated way to think about and discuss the messy parts of life.

We can discuss the importance of every person's self-worth and the need to be understanding and compassionate of others in a serious but simple way. We can talk about the importance of every person and about standing up for what is the right thing. Reading books to your kid is cool like that.

The only complicated part of this beer is its long name.”

Burlington Beer Co.'s It's Complicated Being a Wizard Double IPA is ironically an uncomplicated way to introduce North East IPAs to the uninitiated. Cracking open the pounder can releases dank pine and grapefruit into the air and throughout the pour. After a gentle spill from the NE IPA stereotypical pounder can, the white head falls to a modest retention and loosely laces the glass.

The goldenrod colored ale is brewed with malted wheat and flaked oats. These provide both the style's signature haze and color but also an easy malt base from which the hops can shine. This quaffable 7.5% alcohol by volume ale never bites and provides a thick velvety mouth feel that envelops you in orange, tangerine, and citrus, and tropical notes while finishing with a long dry dankness.

This is a beer you want to share with others. A candid beer that easily communicates its flavors and the North East Double IPA style. The only complicated part of this beer is its long name. It is approachable and cleanly executed while also being exciting. There is a directness to this ale that is both welcoming and refreshing.

The NE style IPA is branching off from the American IPA root; an emergence still in an early stage. If you are looking to introduce the style to others Burlington’s It's Complicated Being a Wizard is as best a way to do it as you can find.



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