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Start the Year with Austin Eastciders’ Spiced Cider

January 10, 2020

By Nathan Mattise, January 10, 2020

Winter doesn’t have to be all stouts and porters. More drinkers should start the year with cider, which delivers the buzz of beer in a lighter package. Austin Eastciders’ range spans the traditional (European-style “dry”) to the not-so-traditional (pear rosemary, sangria, and hopped). Its new seasonal offering, Spiced Cider, is basically hot apple cider in alcoholic form… served cold, of course. 

Appearance and Aroma

Spiced Cider could pass for a hazy wheat beer to an unassuming onlooker. The only giveaway would be the complete lack of any foamy head. The cider, however, totally kicks the pants off a wheat beer when it comes to smell. It’s apple-cinnamon dominant and completely alluring for folks who haven’t overdosed on apple cider donuts in recent months. 

Somehow, Austin Eastciders has perfectly recreated the flavor sensation of hot apple cider.”


Somehow, Austin Eastciders has perfectly recreated the flavor sensation of hot apple cider—a robust combination of cinnamon, clove, and a touch of vanilla that doesn’t overpower this apple core. And while that sounds intense, Spiced lands low on Eastciders’ sweetness scale (it’s classified as “dry” on a scale that starts at bone dry and ends at sweet). This isn’t a cider that will leave weary drinkers rushing to brush their teeth; it’s a cider that instead has cider skeptics asking for seconds.


If you’ve ever been to a farm for apple picking and enjoyed the experience, Austin Eastciders’ Spiced Cider will happily transport you back there from the comfort of your couch or bar. Despite how seasonal that real life experience is, this cider doesn’t scream fall. Its depth of flavor works as a winter warmer, while its crisp finish and lack of saccharine aftertaste means it’s deftly drinkable when temperatures rise, too.

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