A Beer for Every SummerSlam Star

August 18, 2017

By Andy Tworischuk, August 18, 2017

While Wrestlemania might be the “Grand Daddy of Them All,” for me, nothing beats the sweltering heat of August Sports Entertainment, WWE’s SummerSlam. I’ve been lucky enough to attend events on Slam weekend the past couple years and let me tell you, between the raucous and snarky crowds of Brooklyn’s Barclays Center and magnificent action inside the Squared Circle, it is one of the most exciting times of the year to be a wrestling fan.

Wrestling and beer make a splendid couple, so in celebration of SummerSlam, here are five wrestlers and the beer that would best match with their personalities and styles:

Brock Lesnar: Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout 11.2%

The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar is not human. More muscle than man, Lesnar is a terrifying specter, conqueror of both UFC and WWE. He is truly a special attraction that doesn’t come around often – but when he does, watch out.

Like Bourbon Barrel Aged Stouts, Lesnar has big hype but some times can be a little overwhelming. Admittedly, it’s fun to watch Lesnar beat the snot out of someone but you can’t have dessert for dinner every night. Brock is a special treat that should only be indulged in moderation.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass: The Citywide Special

Perhaps it’s blasphemous to compare a tag team from northern New Jersey and Queens, NY, to Philadelphia but if there’s anything the two locales have in common it is bold loudness and the gift of gab. Philly’s mark on professional wrestling is deep and bloody, as it was home of the original ECW and continues to have some of the hottest crowds in the world.

This is why the Citywide Special, the local staple of drinking establishments across town, is perfect for Enzo and Cass: the trash talking sky walking shot of high-octane cheap booze and tall, unfortunately not quite seven foot tall, boy of Pabst Blue Ribbon – you just can’t teach that.

Alexa Bliss: Oude Tart Flanders Red Ale 7.5% ABV

Little Miss Bliss might not look like much of a fierce competitor but don’t let her diminutive size fool you: she is five feet of fury. A former competitive bodybuilder who has competed in the Arnold Classic, Alexa Bliss packs a wallop that pairs perfectly with this oak barrel aged Flanders style red, tart and a little boozy that finishes with just a little sweetness.

Like the unfairly maligned barleywine, Reigns is mostly disliked.”

John Cena: Treehouse Julius New England Style IPA 6.8% ABV

John Cena was born and raised in West Newberry, MA, only an hour and a half drive from one of the greatest breweries in the world, Treehouse. Like Cena, the New England style IPA was mostly derided when it first debuted for being too brash.

Years later, some beer aficionados still think it sucks and are stuck in their ways but others have learned to appreciate how the style has matured and improved over the years. Most importantly, you can’t see me through all the orange, dank haze.

Roman Reigns: Stone Old Guardian Barleywine 11% ABV

Roman Reigns, the self-proclaimed Top Dog who runs the yard in the WWE, is possibly the most polarizing wrestler in the history of the Fed. Each time his music hits, boos rain down from the rafters – the guy just can’t avoid getting heat from the crowd. Reigns is a decent performer who will likely never be fully accepted because he was shoved down the fans’ throats for too long when they didn’t want him.

Like the unfairly maligned barleywine, Reigns is mostly disliked – but those who know better can appreciate in peace, knowing that they are actually the enlightened ones.


Thanks to Wiki Commons user Ed Webster for the header image.

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