The Best IPAs for IPA Skeptics

August 01, 2019

By October Staff, August 01, 2019

It’s no secret that IPAs are still the kings of the craft beer world. Just take a look at any tap list or beer aisle and you’ll see variation after variation, from juicy and hazy to dry and crisp, all packing a judicious dose of hop flavor. So, it should hardly come as a surprise that the reigning beer style has its very own holiday: IPA Day, the first Thursday of August.

But while IPA fanatics might be perfectly content celebrating today with our running list of the best IPAs of 2019, or our explainers on brut IPAs and even clear IPAs, we realize that there are still some drinkers who may be hesitant about the wide world of IPAs. 

For that, we enlisted Max Bakker and Ryan Daley—Master Cicerones® and Senior Educators with Brewers Collective, the craft business unit of Anheuser-Busch—to offer some helpful comparisons for IPA skeptics—because if there’s one thing that the broad spectrum of IPAs offers, it’s a different style for every taste. Check out their suggestions below and find the IPA that’s perfectly suited to you.

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