The Best of Los Angeles' Beer Fashion

August 01, 2017

By Christine Terrisse, August 01, 2017

Every beer at a festival gets checked in, rated, shared, and obsessed over. But what about the fashion?! In Los Angeles, there's no way people aren't noticing what you're wearing, so let's just lean in to that and have some fun. Why not have a look at L.A.'s best, and maybe worst, beer festival styles?

Los Angeles is developing a signature beer festival style all it's own, striding the line between comfortable and fashion-forward. Of course, the most important thing is a great beer and the Los Angeles Brewers Guild shored up the strength of its sixty member breweries for L.A. Beer Week. The kickoff festival, this year hosted on the grounds of L.A. Center Studios in the heart of downtown, was an opportunity to for beer lovers to showcase their summer style – often with a quirky twist.

A few trends emerged. The bold florals found on the runways of New York fashion week earlier this year were out in force, and either by design or osmosis, men were willing to go bold, taking a cue from Dwayne Johnson’s ridiculously loud and awesome shirt.  

From custom goblet holders to tiny hops earrings, for festival-goers, it’s all about the detail. Old-school pretzel necklaces are a glamorous boho-revamp. Other touches were more subtle, as in a bottle opener/keychain art-deco ode to a favorite local brewery, or beer buttons on a newsboy cap for a punk-like flourish. The practical became statement-making, with a fun, fuzzy (hopefully filled with water and sunblock) backpack.

Inevitably there emerged the few brave and confident ones, willing to strategically showcase their bodies. From patriotic thigh-hugging shorts and tiny tanks to Christina Aguilera Dirrty-era crop-tops, the sunny skies were a chance for the body beautiful to sip in as little as possible. They also provided an opportunity to show off intricate tattoo work and NSFW piercings.   

In the Dark Ages of American beer history, beer was marketed solely to men. Or women who would be buying for men. Luckily, not only is that a smashed stereotype these days in general, but it looked like the festivals' women felt comfortable being themselves while drinking beer. Head-to-toe retro glam, long vampy nails and bold lips? Sure.

A staple of festival fashion, the florals seen at this year’s Beer Week kept it fresh by sticking to oversized florals (whether as a part of an otherwise gothic look on an umbrella or a nineties reminiscent sundress.) Lace was tempered with casual accessories, and while the boho-chic look was alive and well, it took a sporty turn paired with converse and a ball cap. 

If you’re a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss, or any New York fashion editor for that matter, you will dig the effortless, minimal style we found on more than one festival goer. Casual wear got kicked up a notch by donning stylish eyewear and adding accessories like striped socks and leather espadrilles.  

Angelenos never shy away from a chance to show their city some love, and Beer Week was no exception.  From a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the legendary Dodger sportscaster Vin Scully to donning Dodger blue, showing your L.A. love was a welcome move.

While there were plenty of t-shirts and shorts, many of the guys at Beer Week fearlessly took it to the next level. Channeling early ‘90s grunge and a little Velvet Goldmine-meets Jimi Hendrix, there were a couple of rocker looks we loved.

Perhaps the most ubiquitous trend was the print-patterned shirt sported by numerous guys. After all, nothing says “I’m here for the beer” like a ridiculously (awesome) shirt.    

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