Welcome to Im(Peach)ment Beer Season

September 27, 2019

By October Staff, September 27, 2019

The farmers' markets are more likely to be full of apples than apricots right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still appreciate peaches in liquid form. Brewers have taken summer’s juiciest fruit in all sorts of innovative directions, from hopped-up IPAs to saisons and goses. Why? Because stone fruit season may be coming to an end, but impeachment season has just begun. So let’s raise a glass to these criminally delicious beers.

Claremont Craft Ales’ Pepper & Peaches
“I’ll be damned if Claremont hasn't hit a dazzling combination here: a unique and memorable IPA that proves there's still glory to be gained from tossing a few sacks of produce into the vats,” writes Pete Keeley of this fruit IPA infused with pink peppercorns. “The peach is there—it's distinctly peach-y—but it mainly manifests as a concentrated juicy sweetness that ambles up to cloying and then retreats. What arrives in its place is a battery of florals and herbs: black licorice, orange blossom, juniper.”

Rhinegeist Brewery’s Peach Dodo 
This highly sessionable 4.4% ABV Leipzig-style gose is pleasantly salty with just enough tartness to wake up the palate. There’s a whiff of citrus on the nose from Cascade hops and lingering, albeit understated, notes of peach on the finish. Crisp, dry, and light-bodied, this is an ideal beer to pair with an autumnal picnic or for sipping during commercials break of nonstop news coverage. 

SweetWater’s Peach, Love & Happiness
“The aroma provides the first hint of the peach” in this Berliner weisse that “looks more like an unfiltered IPA” and has “only a hint of the signature kettle-sour tartness that a Berliner weisse should bring,” Tucker Anders says. “Unfortunately, in dialing back the peach to control the sweet and reining in the tartness to allow that delicate peach to peak forward, SweetWater made a pretty bland beer that is only vaguely peachy and barely tart.”

Elevation Beer Co.’s Acide Peach 
This limited release takes the brewery’s Acide, a punchy kettle sour made with lactobacillus and named for the French word for “sour,” breaks all the rules and goes swerves into hazy IPA territory.  Tettnang and Amarillo hops add big, bold hits of citrus, while both the peach aromas and flavors come through loud and clear. Despite the name, there’s the tartness is pleasant rather than overpowering. 

New Braunfels Brewing’s Saison de Peche
“For fans of the fruit, the beer style, or both, Saison de Peche will almost certainly deliver,” Nathan Mattise says of this barrel-aged wheat saison ale refermented with Texas peaches. “You’ll certainly know some acidic, sour goodness awaits” from the aroma and may “pucker at that first sip.” Don’t worry “if a first swig startles you, take a moment to compose yourself and give it a few more tries to allow the fruit component to become more prominent.”

Cascade's Kentucky Peach
“Pouring a light, golden orange with lacing and some foam, it has a beautiful presentation in the glass. There’s plenty of peach, apricot, and tangerine notes on the nose as it boasts fruit from the get-go,” says Jeff Wiser of this peach sour ale. “Oaky tannins are evident as the initial sour factor fades, coming with a touch of bourbon and bright fruit. There’s plenty of nuances here, from the appearance of the beer to the nose and culminating with a complex experience as it goes down.”

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