Big Island Tunes, Big Island Beers

March 11, 2017

By Eno Sarris, March 11, 2017

When you get to the Big Island, and you're headed to your spot, you'll want to stop by the Kona Wine Market for six taps worth of local craft beer, a full beer cave of craft from all over, and then all your wine and liquor needs. Gotta make sure the party house is party-ready.

While you're there, proprietor Sterling Leatherman should be around. Not today – he'll be down at the Brewfest today – but most days, he'll be there, leading a tasting by the ocean view window, or answering questions, or just making sure you've got what you need. 

He might be playing some Nowelo, local hip-hop produced by Truth, who also teaches kids down at the local Big Island Music Academy, too. Nowelo is working on a new album due out this year, and they bring together some of that island flavor with a Roots-ian blues approach.

Or you'll hear any of a grip of local hawaiian flavor, from hip hop to reggae to traditional island fare. That fits because Leatherman grew up with hip hop from gangster to breakers in California, liked reggae through Sublime back in the day, and has now embraced the island. You'll also hear some Phil Collins. Everyone's a little mellower with age. 

At the market, you'll be able to pick from beers you'll recognize from back home, but you'll also be intrigued by the Hawaiian beers that you can throw in a growler and take to the beach with plastic IPA glasses. You've got both worlds, which makes sense because their motto at the Wine Market is "Think global, buy local." 

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