Castle Cream Ale

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Castle Danger Brewing's Castle Cream Ale Is a Winner

October 17, 2018

By Jerard Fagerberg, October 17, 2018

I served four beers at my wedding: Bud Light, Surly Furious, Bauhaus Wonderstuff, and Castle Danger Castle Cream Ale. I still have cases of the first three left over in my basement, but every can of Castle Cream Ale was gone by the time we cut the cake.

It’s not difficult to see why Castle Cream Ale has such appeal. Robust yet uncomplicated, the beer strikes the impossible balance between the sensibilities of your hipster college roommate and your VFW-trolling druncle. Simply put, there’s no good reason not to drink it.


Toasted brown and glassy, Castle Cream Ale could be mistaken for Yuengling coming off the tap. Its oatmeal-colored head grips to your lips like in an early-’80s beer ad. The retro gold can and flashy disco label don’t mislead—this beer is a true throwback.


A bloom of brewer’s yeast hits your nose first, activating those pleasure sensors buried in the nostalgic parts of your brain. Then the roastiness comes in layers—first cereal, then brown sugar, and eventually toffee. The hops take a back seat, letting the wonders of the caramelized malt drive the nose.

It goes down more like cream soda than cream ale, with hints of vanilla creeping into the deeply malty flavor.”


Castle Cream Ale excels as an example of what a cream ale can accomplish when done right. The body is smooth, feeling full at the sip and clean at the finish. It goes down more like cream soda than cream ale, with hints of vanilla creeping into the deeply malty flavor. There’s a hint of corn in the mix too, but not enough to give the beer a budget taste or feel.


Castle Cream Ale is a seamless enhancer of any experience, and if you can’t feel it right away, you’re probably never going to. It’s the type of beer that amplifies moments without trying to bogart the spotlight. That’s perfect when you’re a groom, but even better if you’re just in the crowd trying to have a good time.

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