This CBD Oil Tastes Like an IPA

September 20, 2019

By Diana Hubbell, September 20, 2019

As both weed and beer aficionados like to tell you, combining the two substances makes sense on a botanical level. While there isn’t hard evidence that the plants Cannabis sativa and Humulus lupulus are directly related, they do share a number of terpenes, the organic compounds that give both their distinctive aromas. In other words, if you like breathing in a noseful of dank, hazy IPA, you’ll probably be into the similar notes wafting from a joint.

The only disappointing thing about this heavily hyped connection is that when it comes to most commercial CBD oils, it doesn’t matter a bit. The vast majority of what’s currently on the market consists of odorless, tasteless CBD isolate.

That’s why Modist Brewing in Minneapolis and Stigma, a local CBD retailer and distributor, set out to change that with Dream Oil, a CBD oil designed to mimic the tasting notes in Dreamyard, the brewery’s flagship IPA.

“Dreamyard has really pronounced flavors of pineapple, of stone fruit, of citrus. It’s brewed using Citra and Denali [hops]. They pretty much extracted the terpenes from those hops,” says Erik Johnson, operations coordinator at Modist Brewing. “It was surprisingly well-captured in the extraction process. The CBD oil really does have a tropical, fruity flavor profile similar to the IPA."

The CBD oil really does have a tropical, fruity flavor profile similar to the IPA.”

Though both macro- and microbreweries have been locked in a kind of arms race to combine the beer and cannabis in new ways, no one seems to have stumbled upon this particular idea. Sure, there’s an abundance of CBD-infused beers on the market, plus non-alcoholic THC-infused options for a different sort of buzz. For lovers of terpenes in all their various forms, however, the idea of a 1 oz. bottle with 500 mg of CBD that imbues anything it touches with a whiff of American IPA has potential.

“This seemed like a great way to bring together things that we enjoy from our different companies into something brand new,” Johnsen says. 

Johnson also stresses that he sees parallels between practitioners in both industries. He and his colleagues at Modist Brewing respected Stigma as a fellow small business focused on using locally sourced ingredients. 

“Stigma opened up last spring about a block from us. We got connected during their grand opening. We went over there just because we wanted to support another local business,” Johnson says. “It was clear from the get-go that the approach that those guys have to the cannabis industry is very much in line with our craft beer. They’re highly innovative and focused on local ingredients.”

Consumers can decide for themselves if the hop flavors come through when both Modist Brewing and Stigma begin carrying the product next Thursday. For those hoping to stock up for the most stressful time of the year, the brewery has said it will later launch CBD “growlers” in 6 oz. bottles for the holiday season.

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