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Banana Bread Beer Isn’t Monkeying Around

September 29, 2020

By Nathan Mattise, September 29, 2020

In the quarantimes of 2020, two great hobbies have emerged: drinking and bread making.  One beer that’s particularly suited for this moment happens to satisfy both of those interests: Eagle Brewery’s Banana Bread Beer.

You may have already seen Banana Bread Beer (BBB or B³?) without even realizing it. Until fall 2019, Eagle Brewery was known as Wells & Young’s, famed UK purveyors of Double Chocolate Stout. DCS and BBB lurked in many a robust grocery beer aisle for years—they still do, but now you must look for a much brighter yellow label. 

It’s easy to dismiss this beer as a gimmick—until you crack it open, that is. One sniff of Eagle’s creation will convince you a lot of craft has gone in. A slight whiff of malt, a hint of amber ale, but largely an alluring wave of perfectly ripe banana meets your nose. Banana is often paired in beer with chocolate or peanut butter, but the fruit in Banana Bread Beer sits front and center, with a touch of vanilla bean and toffee complementing an amber ale backdrop.

Eagle Brewery has truly achieved Goldilocks just-right nirvana with Banana Bread Beer—sweet but not too sweet, beer-y but the banana never fades from the spotlight. My stout-loving father-in-law has made this his preferred warm weather beer since it packs the rich flavor tendencies of his favorite style but with a 5.2% ABV. An even better idea: Make a delightful sweet beer bread—or even a Banana Beer Bread banana bread—to enjoy with this excellent fruited ale.

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