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Elysian’s Dayglow IPA Is Sensory Overload (in a Good Way)

September 02, 2020

By Jerard Fagerberg, September 02, 2020

On the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, you can buy a piña colada laced with psilocybin for 500 Baht. A few sips in, you’ll be carried into the tropical air, vision blurring into a happy smear of neon.

Of course, I wouldn’t know any of this firsthand. The one time I went to a Full Moon Party, I passed out on a sandbag after losing my friends and scarfing a salami sandwich. But this is the groovy sensation Elysian is trying to elicit with its new year-round IPA, Dayglow. The laser-eyed bengal tiger on the label says it all: this beer is here to take you to new worlds.

It’s hard not to view Dayglow as a complement to Elysian’s flagship Space Dust. If Space Dust is the quintessential dank weed beer, Dayglow is magic mushrooms. Space Dust is dressed in a tattered baja hoodie. Dayglow wears a zebra striped g-string.

A zephyr of overripe pineapple escapes with the hiss of the open tab. The Mosaic hops are operating at sensory overload, activating your deepest sinuses. A mangrove of tropical fruits awaits inside. Big, plump flavors of mango pop in the body. Each sip is like unwrapping a Starburst.

Running through all the juicy goodness is a familiar current of El Dorado, bringing that old school resin. It’s a grounding flavor, reigning in all that fruit and tying Dayglow back to Space Dust with a sense of Elysian kinship. Dankness is, after all, Elysian’s calling card, and the trip would seem incomplete without a little pine on the tail end. And in the end, when you come to sitting in the sand on a foreign island, that’s what you need to yank you back into reality.

Dayglow is a truly fun ride. Not the kind that’ll live in your spine for decades to come, but it can elevate an average evening to a night of blissful abandon. You might be overstimulating your brain, but ain’t that what brains are for?

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