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Equilbrium’s Energy Equals Attempts to Solve the IPA Equation

July 21, 2020

By Jay C. Williams, July 21, 2020

Remember the future? Let me try that again. Remember the future you dreamed about as a kid? I do. By now, my pre-teen self thought we’d have flying cars. (I also thought I’d be pitching for the New York Mets, to give better context as to the scope of my imagination.) But here we are, decades later, with no airborne sedans, and the Mets still haven't asked me to join the bullpen. While technology hasn’t quite intersected with all my dreams, there have been obviously big achievements.

Enter Equilibrium Brewery of Middletown, New York. Founded by two MIT graduates, the brewery has become one of the more popular in the country, particularly for its New England IPAs. With the founders’ scientific background and a flagship double IPA called MC², a beer called Energy Equals makes sense. In true methodical fashion, Energy Equals uses the base of MC² and is made with a process the brewery dubs the “Energy Dry Hop” to give it “an intense brightness and flavor.”

Out of a can bearing an illustration of Albert Einstein with this hair in all of its full-blown glory, this double IPA pours a hazy, light orange. The aroma is ripe with tropical fruit. The first sip follows the nose and is heavy with mango, orange, and papaya flavors. There’s a bit of mild bitterness at the end to temper some of the fruitiness. While the word “juicy” is synonymous with New England IPAs, this definitely ups the ante. Each sip is like sneaking bites from a container of pre-cut mango before you even get to the checkout aisle, with a strong chance of eating the entire container before arriving at your destination. 

With its medium body, fruit-forwardness, and low bitterness, Energy Equals is a delightful tropical wallop—but it’s also deceiving. It drinks like a single IPA despite being a double with an 8% ABV. Fans of the style will enjoy it and may even exclaim “Science!” after their first sip.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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