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Funkwerks’ Miho Is Perfect for Spring

March 25, 2019

By Tom Thornton, March 25, 2019

In a time where tap walls are filled with hazy IPAs, sours, and any number of barrel-aged offerings, there’s always room for a even-keeled counterpoint. While Funkwerks is deservedly known for their smart takes on saison and sour styles, its new Miho is a balanced Belgian pale ale designed for porch drinking in the spring.


Funkwerks has always had good shelf appeal. Its signature 11.2 ounce bottle is elegant, with a simple label that’s easy to recognize. When pouring Miho, there’s a light head, yet fairly big foam collar that sticks around for over a minute. The ale has fast rising bubbles, a strong copper color, and a slight haze.


The Belgian yeast is easy to spot here. There’s strong phenol aromas of clove, pepper, banana, and some baking spice. Given this beer blind, you might mistake it for a hefeweizen, though the citrus and fruit from the hops is evident. It’s a complex bouquet of flavors that gives the drinker ample cause to have that first sip.

Miho has just about everything one could ask for in a beer.”


If you believe that what you smell is half of what you taste, you wouldn’t be wrong here. The big accents of banana, clove, and spice work well here with tropical fruit and citrus flavors to give the drinker a lot to think about with this lighter springtime sipper. It’s a clean, refreshing ale with a dry finish that’s fairly unique—and it keeps things interesting long after the first few sips.


Miho has just about everything one could ask for in a beer: a smart but original recipe; balanced contributions from the hops, malt, and yeast; and a light enough touch to make you want to open a second bottle. Funkwerks has done great work here.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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