Get Lost in the Woods: A Camping Playlist

October 28, 2017

By Jerry Cowgill, October 28, 2017

Drifting through the everyday hustle and bustle can leave you feeling drained, but it’s nothing a retreat to the secluded woods with a beer in hand can’t fix.

Imagine, shades of orange, red, and yellow leaves surround you as they fall from autumnal trees. The smell of the dewy earth and burning of campfires flood your nose. A fresh beer lightly hisses as it’s cracked open.

Camping is all about relaxing and taking in the world in the simplest of ways, but that doesn’t mean your beer and music has to be simple. Complement your favorite camping activities with these beer/artist pairings and sophisticate up your weekend.

Depending on your location, this guide needs to be met with some responsibility. Nothing sounds more terrifying than being six beers deep and coming across a mountain lion on a hiking trail. Or waking up to a black bear sniffing around your tent because your drunk ass fell asleep next to a bag of jerky or Oreos.

While Hiking, Drink:

Revolution Fist City
Fist City is a popular pale ale from Chicago and is enjoyed by most of the city. Either while hiking or just winding down after a long day of trekking through the woods, Fist City is a gratifying brew to savor. It is a tad more hoppy than a traditional pale ale, but not overbearing as the malt evens out the crisp of California hops. This brew possesses a golden complexion and minor hints of citrus. Fist City makes for a perfect hiking buddy.  

Brooklyn Brewery Brooklyn Summer Ale
Brooklyn Summer Ale touts simplicity such as the solitude of a backwoods trail overlooking a canvas of green treetops. This is a pale ale that lacks the frilly extras while packing a golden crisp punch. Brooklyn Summer Ale feels like it is made to be drank in an alluring wood and will keep you refreshed on your hike.  

Listen to:

Typhoon is an intrinsically complex band containing 11 members. To say that they are underrated would be quite an understatement. Their eccentricities can be appreciated while strolling through a barren trail.

Volcano Choir
Led by the frontman of Bon Iver, this is a side project not to be dismissed. Their music is enchanting and the experience is heightened while in a natural setting.

Dr. Dog
Dr. Dog encompasses two very uniquely different, eclectic vocalists who come together to create a fun and psychedelic folk-pop sound. Their giant discography will get you through the longest of hikes.

Michael Kiser / Good Beer HuntingOne should never hunt the public.

While Out on the Lake, Drink:

Leinenkugel Grapefruit Shandy
There’s nothing like being out on a sunny day out on the lake and cracking open an ice cold Grapefruit Shandy. Whether you're laying out on the beach or cruising around the lake on a boat, Leinenkugel’s Grapefruit Shandy will be sure to cool you off without weighing you down like a traditional beer. The pure natural grapefruit infused into this Berliner Weisse gives the brew the perfect amount of tart without being considered bitter. It is stunningly refreshing, and with a low 4.2% ABV, you can drink them all day out on the lake.

21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon
21st Amendment brewery describes their Hell or High Watermelon beer as “summer in a can” which is completely accurate: Everybody knows the best fruit to bring as a snack to the lake is watermelon. 21st Amendment made a fantastic seasonal wheat beer fermented with a healthy amount of it, giving it an unbelievable watermelon flavor on the back end. It is light, crisp, and the epitome of refreshing. Bring these two beers along with you to the lake and you’ll be everyone’s best friend.  

Listen to:

Phil Cook
Cook embodies the southern gospel spirit, mixed with a completely customized, brilliant guitar tone that helps cement his signature style.    

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
Rateliff is a high energy, catchy Americana singer. His captivating voice is as compelling as a brisk walk by the lake on a sunny day.  

Otis Redding
Just a powerhouse voice that commanded your attention. Otis is an excellent comrade to listen to while you're “sitting on the dock of the bay, Wastin’ time."

Her wonderful bluesy riffs will allow you to “Hang Loose” in your hammock.”

While Relaxing in a Hammock, Drink:

Revolution Rosa
Rosa is the sexiest summer beer you can get your hands on: a golden ale brewed and steeped with an obscene amount of hibiscus flowers. The hibiscus creates a gorgeous pink color, and adds a natural tartness. Rosa is highly drinkable and makes for a perfect hammock companion.

Brickstone Forbidden Wheat Blood Orange Ale
This Belgian style witbier is packed with citrus flavors. It has notes of blood orange, sweet orange, and bitter orange, and is still somehow not overwhelming. The aroma of coriander will flood your senses along with the fresh pine surrounding you. Forbidden Wheat is an easy to drink ale that is a perfect hammock mate whether you are watching the stars at night or reading a good book.  

Listen to:

Bon Iver
It takes a great deal of focus to fully grasp the perfection of their music. The spirituality of Bon Iver’s music will warm the soul and make for an unforgettable tranquil experience.

Alabama Shakes
It’s hard to top the enormous voice that Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes possesses. Her wonderful bluesy riffs will allow you to “Hang Loose” in your hammock.

The Beatles
Perhaps we’ve said all there is to say about The Beatles, except that they’re delightful while sprawling under the trees.

We all know there’s no better place for storytelling than around a campfire.”

While Sitting Around the Campfire, Drink:

3 Floyds Gumballhead
Gumballhead is one of 3 Floyd’s most beloved beers. It is an incredible wheat ale that is stacked with amarillo hops. This fresh, citrusy beer can be drank will work as long as the fire keeps crackling. 3 Floyds has proven that there's more than corn in Indiana – there's unbelievable beer, too.

Lagunitas Sucks
In contrast, Lagunitas Sucks absolutely does not suck. The name came from a year that they were not able to produce their cherished Brown Shugga Ale, so they put this out as an apology. It’s probably the best apology you’ll ever receive. Lagunitas Sucks is a strong ale that has an enormous aroma and a not-so-small ABV at 8%. This golden beer has a wonderful citrusy and hoppy taste, with just a touch of caramel. Make this beer your campfire nightcap before heading back to the tent.

Listen to:

Hiss Golden Messenger
This band is the essence of modern day American folk music. It’s impossible not to feel calmed as the hushed melodies of Hiss Golden Messenger play over crackling embers.

Jim Croce
Jim Croce was an American folk legend that had an exceptional ability to tell a story in a song, and we all know there’s no better place for storytelling than around a campfire.  

Sylvan Esso
This charismatic electro-pop duo transcends genre stereotypes. Their abstract melodies will leave you diving into unfamiliar territory around the comforting warmth.

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