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Golden Road’s Wolf Pup is a Session IPA to Drink All Day

June 19, 2018

By Tucker Anders, June 19, 2018

Beer-centric television is still in its infancy, but one show that is doing it well is Viceland’s appropriately named Beerland. The homebrew focused show features Golden Road Brewing co-founder Meg Gill and just started its third season on the network last month.

Each episode, Gill visits a different city or region, getting to know its beer culture and tries the handiwork of three local homebrewers before selecting an overall winner. That brewer advances to the season finale, where the ultimate champion gets his or her beer brewed and distributed by Golden Road.

As a fan of the show and Gill’s obvious breadth of beer knowledge, I wanted to actually try one of Golden Road’s offerings. I finally decided on a fifteen pack of the brewery’s session IPA, Wolf Pup, brewed with mosaic and galaxy hops. The package art didn’t hurt either. The can of Wolf Pup looks like summer in LA with bold block lettering and palm trees on a bright green-blue background.

Pairing this much flavor with a light ABV and body is an impressive feat in brewing.”

If you take the time to pour it in a glass, the beer is a mostly clear, straw yellow with tons of active bubbles rising to the top, forming a frothy white head. The body of the beer holds some light and looks imminently refreshing. The can suggests Wolf Pup will boast “a wildly aromatic citrus character,” and while that may be a slight overstatement, I pick up plenty of citrus in the aroma. The beer has an extremely bright nose with pops of lemon, orange and mango playing over some grassy qualities. It’s a particularly balanced and complex aroma for a session IPA.

Golden Road has clearly not shied away from flavor using those mosaic and galaxy hops along with three others to bring a wallop of bright citrus flavor to the beer. Notes of pineapple, orange and that same grassiness from the nose work together with an easy bitterness to create a refreshing drinking experience.

At 4.5% ABV, Wolf Pup is light in alcohol and in body, but not thin. Each sip brings a spike in flavor that quickly fades away leaving a soft and slightly dry finish. That subtle backend bitterness allows the fruit to take center stage, while peaking through enough to keep drawing me back in for more. Pairing this much flavor with a light ABV and body is an impressive feat in brewing. For this summer, Wolf Pup may be my new go to session IPA.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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