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Grimm’s Niceties Is Ample Parts Funky, Fruity, and Damn Good

March 20, 2019

By Jesse Bussard, March 20, 2019

Grimm Artisanal Ales was an award-winning brewery before they had a brewery to show for it. Now, in its own space in Brooklyn for just shy of a year, the brewery continues to perfect its craft and produce some top notch barrel-aged sours, among many other styles.

Its blended golden sour ale Niceties is no exception. Released in January, Niceties spends the first part of its life in oak barrels fermenting on a mixed culture. This is followed by a secondary fermentation on four pounds-per-gallon of pineapples. Together these elements create a sour beer with ample parts funk and fruit.

'Wow,' was the first thing that came to mind when this beer hit my tongue.”

Appearance and Aroma

Simple, yet tastefully artistic is how I’d describe Niceties’ minimalist-style label. Grimm doesn’t just care about making high-quality beer—the thick, parchment-style labels and artsy designs also show it desires an aesthetically pleasing vessel to put it. Niceties pours a soft, yet brilliantly clear pale golden-straw color that’s crowned with a crisp, off-white head. Swirling the beer in my glass, pineapple rises to the top followed by a faint oakiness and tinge of acid.


Niceties starts out strong with a robust, tart pineapple tang. It’s crisp and refreshing with a smooth, pleasant acidity. As the beer goes down, oaky tannins and an herbal hop bitterness mingle with fruity tartness. This complex sip ends with a dry finish.


“Wow,” was the first thing that came to mind when this beer hit my tongue. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as it was my first Grimm beer, but dang, was it good. Niceties errs on the side of a more traditional sour peppered with a good dose of pineapple fruitiness that takes the sour game to a whole new level.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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