Japandroids Beer to Debut at Pitchfork Music Festival, More Beer News

June 15, 2018

By Sarah Freeman, June 15, 2018

Beer and music: Two things that work so well together, especially when you are talking about Pitchfork Music Festival. For the past few years, the Chicago fest has tapped nearby Goose Island Beer Company to brew a special beer, served exclusively at the July event, in collaboration with one of the preforming artists.

A Pitch-Perfect Collaboration

This year, the honor of brewing the Goose Island artist collaboration beer for Pitchfork Music Festival goes to Japandroids. Not only did the Canadian duo help brew the beer, but one of its members, Brian King, designed the label artwork. The “Ultimate Canadian Style Pale Ale,” called “The Hops That Heaven Built,” uses two kinds of Canadian malt, paying tribute to the rock band’s home country. For the first time, the festival collaboration will be available in cans. As usual, it will exclusively be sold at the July 20-22 music festival, with proceeds from this year’s collaboration benefiting RAINN. (Pitchfork)

Beer for the People

When you live in a world where the news cycle feels like a daily slap in the face, it’s nice to see that people haven’t given up. This week, Threes Brewing announced its latest philanthropic campaign dubbed “People Power Beer.” The beer—which is actually lots of beers with the same name brewed by different breweries around the country—will help fund “a grassroots movement to galvanize meaningful policy change,” with 10 % of sales going directly to the ACLU. So far, more than two dozen have signed on, including Mikkeller, Interboro Spirits and Ales as well as Bearded Iris. People Power beers will be released on July 4th and available through Election Day on November 6th. (Paste)

Hey, There’s a Tweet in my Beer

Every year, the FIFA World Cup inspires millions of soccer fans to pick up their phones and post reactions to the latest goal or bungled pass on Twitter. According to Twitter, the 2014 World Cup saw 672 million tweets featuring #WorldCup, making the weeks-long event the most tweeted event in its history. One Swedish beer company wants to end that practice by encouraging users to put down their phone and pick up a pint, which will conveniently have tweets printed into the foam. Norrlands Guld’s new campaign, “The Social Beer,” features a machine that prints messages on the top of beers using malt-based ink. For the coming weeks, these machine will be used at select bars around Sweden to print World Cup-related tweets onto beers in real time. (AdWeek)

Jean Claude Van, Oh Damn

If you’re going to go toe-to-toe in a legal battle against mega-action start Jean Claude Van Damn, then you should probably let the man who recently straddled a couple of semis win. That’s exactly what Las Vegas’ CraftHaus Brewery did when it received a cease and desist letter from Van Damme’s attorney in Belgium. The letter was in regards to one of the brewery’s most sought-after beers, "Jean Claude Damn Van!," named after the notoriously unreliable van that the brewers once used to traveled the country. From now on, the beer will be called "Not That Jean Claude," a nod to both the van and the legal action it spurred. (The Full Pint)

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