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Keegan Ale’s Bine Climber Is Refreshing and Reliable

May 09, 2019

By Jesse Bussard, May 09, 2019


Session IPAs go with summer like hops go with beer. Seriously, who doesn’t enjoy a thirst-quenching, easy-drinking beer when the temps start to rise? So when looking for my next summer sipper, I was excited to try Keegan Ales’ Bine Climber Session IPA. Coming in at a reasonable 4.7% ABV, this light, hoppy IPA brewed in New York’s Hudson Valley is an easy beer to say yes to on a hazy, hot summer day.

Appearance and Aroma

Bine Climber comes in a can adorned with hops-inspired graphics. Even the name of the beer is a reference to hop “bines,” which can be seen climbing over trellises in hop yards each summer. Out of the can, Bine Climber pours a medium golden hue with a slight haze. An off-white foam hangs around after pouring and hugs the rim of my glass. Swirling the beer in my snifter, bright aromas of citrus fruits like lemon and lime dance with light, spicy pine and floral notes. A subtle biscuity sweetness is detectable in the background.

While no head-turner, Bine Climber is a solid, easy-drinking IPA.”


The flavors in Bine Climber are straightforward: Citrusy, lemon hop flavor is balanced by a light, sweet wheat malt flavor. The beer ends with a light-bodied, clean, dry finish and lemony bitterness.


While no head-turner, Bine Climber is a solid, easy-drinking IPA. For me personally, Keegan Ales’ use of old-school hops varieties like Columbus and Cascade and a very standard malt bill produced flavors that reminded me of the Northwest-style IPAs of the 2000s. While it’s not a boundary-pushing beer by today’s industry standards, it’s one you can expect to be refreshing and a win-win for those who enjoy a more traditional take on the IPA style.

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