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Left Hand’s Gettin’ Tiki With It Is a Triumph of Nitro Beer

June 30, 2020

By Nathan Mattise, June 30, 2020

If you know Colorado’s Left Hand Brewing Company, it’s probably because of the dark stuff. The brewer built its reputation on delectable stouts like Raspberry Milk Stout, White Russian Milk Stout, and the modern classic Nitro Milk Stout. Left Hand does make other beer, but sometimes those can also be kind of stout-ish—like new seasonal Gettin’ Tiki With It, a nitro piña colada wheat ale. 

Gettin’ Tiki With It’s stout tendencies start as soon as you pop the tab. The satisfying sound of opening a nitro beer doesn’t typically come from a teal can covered in palm trees and flowers, but Left Hand isn’t just any nitro beer maker (they’ve championed the style more than any beermaker this side of Dublin). The effect is unmistakable: Gettin’ Tiki With it pours like coconut milk. This is a light-gold, hazy liquid sitting underneath a lush foam. 

The signature of any piña colada is a blend of coconut cream and pineapple, but the aroma of Gettin’ Tiki With It favors the latter. Take a big whiff, and it’s heavy on that tropical delight with just a tinge of grassiness.

Somehow, Left Hand has saved the most indulgent sensory experience for when you finally drink. The brewer has crafted a super creamy beer that manages to be smooth and balanced, not the least bit overly sweet or syrupy. Each mouthful offers just a hint of piña colada—it’s distinct but never overpowering—blended together with the pleasantness of a wheat ale. The ABV here is much higher than your typical seasonal (7.5% ABV), but you’d never know it from how easy this beer drinks. 

The overall sensation is remarkable: Gettin’ Tiki With It delivers the bold character of a stout through the more restrained flavors of a summer sipper. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by piña colada beers before—Destihl Brewery’s Piña Colada Gose—but this is another triumph from Left Hand.

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