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The Dude Would Approve of Left Hand’s White Russian Nitro White Stout

October 02, 2019

By Jesse Bussard, October 02, 2019

“White stout” sounds like an oxymoron. How can a stout—typically a dark-colored beer—be white? Truth be told, if you were to drink a white stout with your eyes closed, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference. Case in point: Colorado-based Left Hand Brewing’s White Russian Nitro, a nod to the Dude's favorite cocktail in The Big Lebowski. Brewed with coffee and vanilla, it will likely make you give white stout a second taste.

Appearance and Aroma

It’s not surprising that the can colors of White Russian Nitro match the Dude’s notorious sweater jacket and depict a rocks glass and bowling pin. The beer pours the color of a White Russian cocktail. As the nitrogen gas cascades up through the glass after pouring, the color of the beer shifts to a light golden amber hue with a creamy head that persists long after pouring. Strong aromatics of ground coffee and vanilla bean waft up as I swirl it in my glass.

It’s that damn tasty—but that’s just, like, my opinion, man.”


Left Hand’s White Russian Nitro is all about rich flavor. If I didn’t know better, I’d have guessed this beer had Kahlua in it. The first sip brings forth a robust flavor of coffee, cream, and vanilla blended with a caramel malty sweetness. Thanks to its nitro formulation, the mouthfeel is smooth and creamy and the beer finishes with a light alcoholic tinge that lets you know this beer is no session ale. In fact, it’s 8.9% ABV.


This is only the third white stout I’ve tried, but it’s not like there are that many examples to begin with. Nevertheless, I think that Left Hand should just start marketing this as a beer cocktail replacement for its namesake. It’s that damn tasty—but that’s just, like, my opinion, man. In any case, the Dude would approve.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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