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Miner’s Gold

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Lewis & Clark’s Miner’s Gold Is a Winning Wheat Ale

November 12, 2018

By Jesse Bussard, November 12, 2018

When a brewery wins an award for a beer, not once or twice, but three times in the span of just two years, you know they have to be doing something right. Lewis & Clark Brewing Company’s Miner’s Gold Hefeweizen is one of those beers. Miner’s Gold won gold medals at both the 2018 World Beer Cup and at the recent Great American Beer Festival in the American-style wheat ale with yeast category. It also took home a silver medal at GABF in 2017. Coming in at a refreshing, nearly sessionable 5.9% ABV, it’s a Montana-born beer I’d expect even the brewery’s namesake explorers would have liked after a long day’s row up the Missouri.

Appearance and Aroma

Much its namesake mineral, Miner’s Gold pours a deep golden color. Yet, its hazy appearance and ample, long-lasting head signals it’s not just any old unfiltered wheat ale. As I swirled the beer in my glass, strong spice and fruit notes reminiscent of cloves and banana come through. A mild sweet grainy malt character and hints of citrus follow.

Flavorful and refreshing, Miner’s Gold hits all the requirements to be a great wheat ale.”


While heavy on the aroma side, I was delighted to discover the spice in Miner’s Gold is more subdued than I expected. Banana and citrus notes take the dominant role instead. This generous fruit character is complemented by a sweet, bready malt flavor and creamy, almost fluffy mouthfeel. Finishing clean and effervescent, the lightest touch of herbal hop bitterness can be picked up as the beer goes down.


Flavorful and refreshing, Miner’s Gold hits all the requirements to be a great wheat ale, and I can see why it boasts so much hardware. While it’s not widely distributed, if at all, outside of Montana, it’s a beer I’d recommend adding to your list of must-taste beers or, heck, maybe even planning a trip to Big Sky Country just to get your hands on it.

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