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Wake Up to Lone Pine’s Holy Donut Blueberry Glaze

July 16, 2020

By Jay C. Williams, July 16, 2020

I have three vices: beer, donuts, and bending the truth about the number of vices I have. As craft beer has grown over the last decade, I’ve been lucky enough to see two of my interests intersect with breweries either drawing inspiration from or actually brewing with donuts. A popular approach has been a riff on “coffee and donuts,” with those two flavors being added to a stout or porter.  

But for the latest installment in its collaborative series with Portland bakery Holy Donut, Maine’s Lone Pine Brewing decided to double down on a fruit that Vacationland is famous for: the blueberry. Though the series has primarily featured  stouts, the latest creation, Holy Donut Blueberry Glaze, is an imperial double fruited sour ale with Blueberry Glaze donuts, blueberries, vanilla, and lactose. 

To say the blueberries come through in the beer’s color is an understatement. “Purple!” is what Blueberry Glaze’s color screams as it hits the glass, capped off by a light pink froth. And, no surprise, the first sniff feels like walking into a heavenly fog of recently iced delights.

Though the description on the can would suggest otherwise, the first sip is heavy with blueberry tartness. The double fruit addition gives the berry flavor a jam-like quality. And then it ends with a light, creamy finish. The aftertaste is filled with blueberry and crumb topping or pastry crust.

Though I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a “pastry sour” or a “pastry tart” ale, there are subtle dessert notes amid all that berry goodness. The fruit makes it a  very refreshing beer but be sure to take small sips to pick up the vanilla and donut flavors. While donuts are often associated with breakfast, save this one for a mid-afternoon snack.

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