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Lord Hobo’s Angelica Is a Sessionable, Hazy Hybrid

August 24, 2018

By Jared Paventi, August 24, 2018

It was only a matter of time before the hazy, juicy characteristics of the New England-style IPA made their way into other beer styles. India pale lagers have been a thing for a while, but we can thank Jack’s Abby for bringing us the hazy lager. With Angelica, a 2018 release by Massachusetts’ Lord Hobo Brewing Co., we have a New England-style wheat ale. It’s a sessionable, 5.5% ABV blend of a classic style with a current trend.


Crack a can and pour hard. The unfiltered brew hits your glass a pale, straw color. The beer builds quickly with a steady stream of bubbles, which feed a two-finger wide cap of foam at the top. The head regresses quickly, leaving a delicate lacing around the edges.


Angelica announces herself quickly with a effervescent blend of lemon, grass, pine and wheat. The latter is important, reminding you that the beer in your hand is not a member of the pale ale family, but the fragrant hops differentiate it from other wheat beers.

It’s is the marriage of a Belgian-style wit and a hazy New England-style juice bomb.”


The first sip washes over the palate with flavors of grapefruit and lemon. It dries out in the middle, picking up some floral and grassy notes from the addition of pilsner malt. The beer finishes with a mildly bitter pine flavor. As Angelica warms, the flavors change slightly, with notes of pineapple mixing with citrus, at the front end.


Angelica is a medium-bodied beer, making it suitable for all seasons, but perfect for summer. It’s is the marriage of a Belgian-style wit and a hazy New England-style juice bomb, with a mild alcohol content and balanced flavor profile.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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