New England-Style Mixtape Booms at Lord Hobo Brewing Co.

August 28, 2018

By October Staff, August 28, 2018

Produced by October for Lord Hobo Brewing Company.

If Lord Hobo Brewing Company’s Boomsauce were a song it would be Radiohead's "Karma Police"—the cover version, filled with Rastafarian rhythm and mellow vocals, performed by the Easy Star All-Stars. “Boomsauce is a wonderfully well-balanced double IPA that walks the line between a New England-style IPA and a West Coast IPA,” says Kate Ballenger, the general manager at Lord Hobo’s Woburn, Massachusetts taproom. “It is fruity and tropical, with a beautiful resin-ness that leaves you wanting more. Like the song, its layers of flavors make you inquisitive of what you are drinking.”

Lord Hobo has built its brand on dualities like this—it's for lords and hobos alike, as it were. The burgeoning brewery has made a name for itself through its bold, black labels and connections to the music world—it recently collaborated with Dope & Dank to bring a hip hop-filled tap takeover to Los Angeles Beer Week—to say nothing of its wide range of IPAs. Its taproom, currently under renovation, will soon offer a larger space for guests to enjoy its Glorious pale ale and Steal This Can IPA, in the company of Lord Hobo favorites A Tribe Called Quest and Meat Puppets as well as local outfits Diablogato, STL GLD and Cousin Stizz.

The new taproom will bring together a ten-barrel brewhouse churning out prototype beers, a pizza-slinging kitchen and “modern-day Viking castle” aesthetic. Think lots of steel, wood and a few chandeliers, for good measure. “Some days, you can expect Kung Fu movies projected on the wall with Wu-Tang playing in the background. On other days, Herbie Hancock may be tickling the ivories whilst Angelica flows out of the taps,” Ballenger says. Lord Hobo’s front lawn beer garden remains untouched and open while the taproom undergoes its makeover.

On the brew deck, the music takes a turn. “Their job is incredibly labor intensive, so the music tends to swing into a more high-energy territory than the taproom’s usual playlist,” Ballenger explains. “There's a lot of old-school punk, hip hop and hardcore rocking up there.” Regardless of where you find yourself in Lord Hobo’s brewery, there's no doubt that you’ll ever find yourself too far away from a beer or a bumping speaker.

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