This Beer Can Is a Video Game Controller, and You Can Drink the Beer Inside

June 10, 2019

By Diana Hubbell, June 10, 2019

In a move that falls squarely in the so-ridiculous-it-might-actually-be-genius category, MillerCoors is releasing the first can of beer that doubles as a fully functioning video game controller.

That’s right. The aptly named “Cantroller” might sound like the kind of half-baked idea a bunch of stoner dudes would dream up, but it is now very much a real thing. Maybe the mad scientists at MillerCoors came up with it after hearing about the Pizza Hut boxes that did double-duty as working DJ decks. On June 12, the brewery will unveil 200 12 oz. cans of Miller Lite equipped with 10 buttons at a drop event in Los Angeles. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, each Cantroller can connect to a PC or multiple video game consoles. MillerCoors joined forces with video game platform Steam so that users will be able to play thousands of games with the device.

According to Popular Mechanics, who took the gadget for a test drive, the controls took a little getting used to, but were more than adequate for your go-to fighting games and old-school RPGs. As a bonus, the A, B, X, Y, Up, Down, Left, Right, Start, and Select button set-up has a retro look geared toward nostalgic Millennial gamers who grew up glued to their consoles. The set comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that will sustain around three hours of gameplay and if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on more than one of these babies, the Cantrollers are good to go for multiplayer games.

The aptly named “Cantroller” might sound like the kind of half-baked idea a bunch of stoner dudes would dream up, but it is now very much a real thing.”

Best of all, you can refrigerate the whole contraption, crack it open to drink the contents, then carry on playing. How the hell did they pull that off? After three months of tinkering, the engineers figured out how to wrap a flexible printed circuit board (PCB) around the cans. The metal dome switches are glued on top with an adhesive.

With such a limited number of Cantrollers hitting the market (at least for now), you can bet these will be snapped up fast. If you have mad Street Fighter skills and want to win one, you can challenge comedian Eric Andre to a one-on-one battle at E3 in Los Angeles. You can enter for your chance to test your mettle and possibly score one of the coveted cans here.

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