Mix and Match a Sixpack and a Mixtape

February 25, 2017

By JR Shirt, February 25, 2017

If the mix-and-match six pack section at your local grocery store is anything like mine, it is the closest thing to a beer graveyard I’ve ever seen. Stay away for the six-month old IPA’s, though, and there is opportunity there.

Usually, I’m grabbing a few different lagers and pilsners in this scenario. Usually, the mix-and-match sixer is about pleasing more than yourself. Or it’s about a struggle to commit. It’s a chance to try something new, something local, with the safety net of some familiars to mitigate disappointment.

I might be showing my age, but it feels an awful lot like those days of making mixtapes. For friends. For girls (or boys). For road trips. For something to do. And so I did. The genre here could be loosely classified as indie-rock/pop-punk; it’s mostly local for me and hopefully mostly new for you.


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