Natural Light Naturdays

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Natty Light Offshoot Naturdays Ain't It

March 26, 2019

By Jesse Bussard, March 26, 2019

I haven’t drunk a Natty Light since college. Natural Light was the kind of beer that fraternities at my alma mater bought in bulk to supply the masses during parties. It’s a low-alcohol beer of which you could drink several cans and still not wake up too hungover to head to class the next morning. It was also cheap. So, when the news came out that Natty Light was releasing a new brew called Naturdays, I was curious—mostly for novelty’s sake. Natty positions this new release as a sessionable, light lager for people who like strawberry lemonade… and drinking beer. I like both of these things, so what hurt is there in giving it a try?

Appearance and Aroma

The flamingos adorning the Naturdays can might make you think this beer could transport you to a tropical paradise. Out of the can, it pours like any other light lager—a pale straw color with brilliant clarity and an ample off-white head. The fragrance, however, tells you this beer isn’t just any old lager. It smells sour and slightly sweet like Sour Patch Kids or those weird sour gummy worms you can buy at gas stations.

All in all, Naturdays lacks balance. Aside from appearance, it also lacks any characteristic that would lead me to believe it is beer.”


The flavor follows suit, bringing to mind the boxes of Nerds I’d eat as a kid. Did someone dump a box of these in Natty Light’s fermenters? Either way, the flavor is just a bit too sweet and, instead, the signature bready, cornflake flavors that we normal beer lovers adore in a light lager are drowned out by what tastes more like strawberry lemonade candy syrup.


All in all, Naturdays lacks balance. Aside from appearance, it also lacks any characteristic that would lead me to believe it is beer. While I understand Natty Light was trying to create a beer that non-beer folks might appreciate, I just can’t get over the almost sickly sweet taste of this beer. I couldn’t even finish the whole can, for god’s sake. From here on out, I’ll be saying, “No thanks,” if someone offers me up one of these beers.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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