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Night Shift’s Santilli, a West Coast-Style IPA with New England Roots

September 07, 2018

By Jared Paventi, September 07, 2018

Night Shift Brewing makes plenty of turbid beers, but one of its best eschews the local haze. Instead, Santilli is a West Coast-style IPA that lets the light shine through. As one of greater Boston’s better-known breweries, Night Shift’s cans can be found in coolers throughout eastern Massachusetts, with its owl logo peering out menacingly. Santilli, its award-winning flagship IPA, is named for the street in Everett, Massachusetts where Night Shift is located.


An intentionally hard pour delivers a golden beer, with about two fingers-worth of thick, white foam. The frothy cap lasts through most of the beer’s life, leaving lacy legs along the walls of the glass. It’s unfiltered, but not so thick that you can’t make out a logo on the other side of the glass.


Pineapple avails itself first in the nose, with sweet, tropical aromas bolstered by a resinous one that lingers in the background. As the beer warms, the pineapple gets sweeter while the other notes fade.

The dry, bitter finish to this beer is a treat for those who frequent the style.”


Flavor follows the nose, but not so closely that it’s predicable. The pineapple is instead supported by bitter orange. Pine and earth notes appear in the bridge of each sip, before disappearing under a wave of more orange flavors and a dry finish. A moderate amount of carbonation doesn’t render much visual action in the glass, but it does add to the medium-light body and tickles the tongue, enhancing the flavor.


Santilli is not much of a crusher, considering the bitterness and 6% ABV. What Night Shift has here is a smooth West Coast-style IPA with tropical hints and an aggressive hop profile. What sets it apart from other IPAs in this group is the dryness. The dry, bitter finish to this beer is a treat for those who frequent the style.

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