Nissan Makes a Van Capable of Being a Mobile Bar

May 01, 2017

By Ale Sharpton, May 01, 2017

In the automobile industry, it has been common practice for carmakers to organize media drives where they host select journalists in different cities throughout the US – and in some cases, overseas – to provide driving experiences in their new models about to enter the market. In Nissan's case, they ingeniously found a way to showcase the numerous capabilities of their NV200 compact cargo van by embracing two attractions their chosen location of San Diego, California was renowned for – surfing and yes, beer.

“We conducted the launch in San Diego and we built two unique vehicles for it,” explained Kyle Torrens, Car Communications of Nissan North America. “One was a Nissan NV200 Mobile Surf Van Shop and the other was a Nissan NV200 beverage truck. At the time, the well-known Stone Brewing in San Diego was opening their newest location [Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens] and we thought it would be a great way to showcase this vehicle by partnering with them for this particular project.”

The result in simple terms? Badass.

From a hop-lover’s perspective, the sight of taps protruding from the NV200's side panel adorned with Stone’s signature gargoyle mascot and gothic-style script certainly induced some drool after a long drive along southern California’s shoreline. Their signature IPA poured flawlessly with just enough carbonation for a solid head; the temperature was ideally set at approximately ◦50 degrees Fahrenheit to enhance the hop notes while refreshing the palates of both brew aficionados and thirsty novices. Successfully, a lasting memory was made.

Besides the cargo duties that would make the NV200 perfect for a caterer, mover, or electrician, the van would also work well for an outdoor event such as a beer fest, company outing – particularly because the NV200 doesn't require a lot of space. Also, great gas mileage at a combined 25 miles per gallon doesn’t hurt either. But of course, there were some challenges in making this mobile taproom a reality. 

Payload is estimated at 1,480 pounds in the S model.”

"Due to the weight of the refrigerator, the kegs, and various other componentry, the suspension on the NV200 needed to be able to accommodate that extra weight," Torrens explains from Nissan’s U.S. headquarters just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. “The solution was to disable the leaf springs and to add steel blocks to support the weight."

Addressing the NV200’s specifications for those who love numbers, Torrens continues, “The van holds three 15-gallon kegs and they are stored in a large refrigerator in the back. The beer lines run from that refrigerator to the three taps on the side of the van. Also in the back, there are two C02 tanks. The combination of a 115.2-inch wheelbase with a 186.3-inch overall length – along with a compact drivetrain and rear suspension – provides an 82.8-inch cargo length, 54.8-inch cargo width [48.0 inches between the rear wheel wells], and 53.0-inch cargo area height. With its low cargo floor liftover height of 21.1 inches and tall roofline, the NV200 has a large cargo capacity of 122.7 cubic feet. Payload is estimated at 1,480 pounds in the S model.” Gotcha. Impressive.

Torrens, 29, is originally from Portland, Oregon, and loves a good saison, so he really appreciates Nissan’s efforts to make their popular compact cargo beer friendly.

Since its debut with Stone, the NV200-brewery combo has made multiple appearances at Nissan media events including a Goose Island version at an indoor evening soiree during the Chicago Auto Show.

Ultimately, having an NV200 boasting taps from a stellar brewery like Stone at your next barbecue will make the neighbors, well, envious. (See what we did there?)

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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