October’s Top-Rated Beers in August

August 31, 2018

By October Staff, August 31, 2018

Beer that tastes like key lime pie. Beer that is reminiscent of molten lava cake. Is there anything that beer can’t do? If this month’s top-rated beers on October are any indication, then, no, there isn’t. August’s assortment of dessert-like goses and spontaneously fermented blends proves that great beer can take many forms.

94: Westbrook Brewing Co.’s Key Lime Pie Gose

“It’s a lighter-bodied beer with a fair amount of carbonated action in mouthfeel. The lime meshes well with the base beer and, at 4% ABV, the beer is highly sessionable. Frankly, it’s just a delight to drink.”

94: WeldWerks Brewing Co.’s Coffee Coconut Stout

“How can you argue with liquid lava cake made for the masses? Bring a four-pack of this chocolate muffin stout to a dinner party and watch as the guests’ eyes roll back in hedonistic glee.”

94: Indeed Brewing Co.’s Rum King

“King. Rum King brings together everything that’s good about rum and everything that’s good about stouts. Hot and cozy, this is a glorious warmer of a beer.”

96: Maine Beer Co.’s Lunch

“This is an assertive beer with well-defined, robust flavors from start to finish. If you have a chance to pick up a fresh bottle when they are available or can find it on draft, it’s worth savoring every drop.”

97: Surly Brewing Company’s Tood the Axe Man

“Tropical and citrus fruit-forward hops, plus double dry hopping with minimal malt complexity, and light drying yeast equals a stunning IPA.”

98: Buxton and Omnipollo’s Yellow Belly

“The fact that the beer takes an unequivocal stand for dignity and humanity makes Yellow Belly a sensation. From the very first time you lay eyes on the beer, everything about it dares you to pay attention.”

100: Allagash Brewing Company’s Coolship Resurgam

“Resurgam is a beer that could be served at a wine dinner and be right at home. It could be served oceanside with hand-shucked oysters and buttery steamed clams and do the same. It’s a perfect beer.”

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