October’s Top-Rated Beers for This November

December 02, 2019

By October Staff, December 02, 2019

The weather outside is definitely leaning towards frightful, but to be perfectly honest, we don’t mind a few flurries when our fridges are stocked with so much excellent beer. The chillier months of the year are all about snuggling up somewhere cozy with a pint of something special. Right now, the releases our reviewers are gravitating towards are heady, complex and often genre-challenging. From a hazy IPA that dares to defy convention to a schwarzbier worth sipping all evening to a mushroom dessert beer (yes, really) that might make you rethink experimental ales altogether, these beers make the fall’s graceful slide into winter downright enjoyable.

88: Union Craft Brewing’s Blackwing
This schwarzbier has “robust aromas of caramel malt and roast coffee notes” and is “jam-packed with roasty, chocolatey rich goodness while still being super-light and crushable,” writes Jesse Bussard. “This, combined with its 4.8% ABV, means I have no qualms about downing this tasty, dark beauty over and over.”

91: Meadowlark’s Fungus Shui
“The maple flavor of Fungus Shui so strong that I want to pour this beer over pancakes. Yet there isn’t a single drop of maple in this beer. It’s all from the mushrooms,” marvels Jesse Bussard of this “lusciously-flavored” experimental beer with “intense notes of caramel and honey” that “hits all the boxes.” 

91: Modern Times’s Space Ways
“It’s exceedingly rare to find anything unique in the saturated world of IPAs” and yet “he tropical flavor and hazy appearance are about the only things Space Ways has in common with other hazy IPAs, which is part of what makes it so great,” says Tucker Anders. “Space Ways is like the love child of a white wine and a hazy IPA that took more after the IPA than the wine—a unique combination I didn’t even know I wanted to drink.”

91: Toppling Goliath and Melvin Collab Ladder Mash
“Ladder Mash’s aroma would lead you to believe it’s a shameless juice bomb, but the flavor is much more dynamic,” writes Jerard Fagerberg of this pale ale that “busts open with that big, apricot blast right away, bleeding mandarin orange everywhere, but then it sneaks in a piney followup.” “Clear, clean, and sessionable, this beer brims with pure passion.”

97: Collab between Weldwerks, Mikerphone, Great Notion’s Breakfast for Three
“I’ve been burned before by unbalanced sugar bombs drowned in maple syrup, but this collaboration walks the line between bitter and sweet,” raves Tucker Anders of this barrel-aged “maple syrup and Peruvian coffee-infused imperial stout that is one of the best beers I’ve had this year.” “It smells like breakfast, specifically some maple and chocolate breakfast pastry dipped in coffee” and has a flavor profile “with tons of maple and coffee pairing together for a wallop of sweetness and bitterness.”

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