October’s Top-Rated Beers for This September

October 01, 2019

By October Staff, October 01, 2019

Before there was Christian Girl Autumn, fall was all about the harvest. It was a time when people would reap the fruits of their labor and celebrate not with vile pumpkin-spiced cold brews, but with actual delicious things. We’re not sure if this principle applies to beers, but it sure feels like it, because September was one hell of a month. Our reviewers found an incredible diversity of new releases to love, including a kölsch, an unconventional saison, and even a Berliner weisse, in addition to a couple of heavy-hitting IPAs. Summer may officially gone, but with a fridge full of these gems, we’re ready to get hygge with it. 

87: Alvarado Street’s Contains No Juice
“Hands down, this is probably one of the best hazy double IPAs I’ve had,” writes Jesse Bussard of this double IPA that, despite the name, is “juicy AF.” “Surprisingly, at 8.5% ABV, its boozy nature is hidden quite well among the medley of fruity flavors” that includes “mango, passion fruit, orange, guava, papaya, and a bit of pineapple.” “Its hop and malt combo work together to create a tropical explosion on the nose” for a beer that is “soft on the palate and finishes with a creamy, smooth mouthfeel.”

88: Nightmare’s Exposure
“Nightmare’s Exposure brings a ton of juicy fruit and resinous pine flavor, making it decidedly better than death by freezing,” says Tucker Anders of this potent 10.1% ABV IPA that is “ridiculously hopped with those Cryo Hops working double duty to provide massive tropical and citrus fruit flavor to go with a thump of herbal, piney bitterness.” Everything about this beer is extreme, from the “gruesome art” on the can to the aroma that guarantees that “when someone cracks a can you look around to see if fruit is being cut up nearby. It’s a monsoon of wet, juicy pineapple, mango, and orange.”

90: Alaskan Brewing’s Kölsch
“Maybe it’s because Alaskan uses glacier-fed water from the Juneau Ice Field, but the beer tastes cleaner and crisper than most of the style,” writes Tucker Anders, who declares that “this may be the best kölsch I’ve ever had.” “The malt brings honey sweetness and crisp, drying crackery notes, while the hops are spicy and herbal” while the aroma “is textbook kölsch, with a crisp blend of crackers, honey, herbs, and light citrus.”

95: Perennial Artisan Ales’ Hopfentea
“This is the kind of beer you’d be served by a shoeless bohemian in a new age spa—a spiritual sour sweetened with a rosy tincture, an intoxicant that tastes like it could detoxify,” says Jerard Fagerberg of this stellar Berliner weisse “the color of a hibiscus flower” that smells like “botanical garden in a glass” and “tastes alive, utterly hopping with flavors you’d find in a cupboard of teas” including “a sweet bouquet of apricot, guava, and raspberry.”

95: Almanac’s Sunshine & Opportunity
“Beer is a land of opportunity” and this 5.8% ABV saison “embodies this spirit with its adventurous combination of fruit juice, wild yeast, and citrus hops, pulling off the near-miracle of a top-flight beer,” raves Jerard Fagerberg. The aroma is a “flood of barnyard straw esters and pungent, overripe peach” and the “flavor is somewhere between a candied peach ring and a golden raisin. The beer boasts Citra and Mosaic hops, though their main role here is to serve up juiciness to complement the peach juice.”

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