October’s Top-Rated Beers in September

September 30, 2020

By October Staff, September 30, 2020

Marketers seem to have a lot of ideas about what we want to drink in fall, much of them revolving around questionable pumpkin-spiced beverages. The truth though is that when the temperatures finally begin to mellow out, we tend to drift away from the sessionable summer crushers in favor of slightly boozier, comforting classics. This past month, our review team sampled all sorts of styles, but the clear winners were all IPAs. From dank, resinous West Coast-inflected offerings to lush juice bombs in a luminous shade of Creamsicle, here are the ones to drink right now. 

87: Modern Times’ Critical Band
“When it comes to IPAs, San Diego’s Modern Times Beer just makes stunners,” declares Nathan Mattise of this hazy number that “is by no means a hop bomb.” The “vibrant” color “pops a bit more due to a lush foam head” and the flavor profile “tastes beautifully balanced: lemon and grapefruit notes intermingle with sweet and subtle papaya so each mouthful is full of flavors.”

88: Elysian’s Dayglow IPA
“It’s hard not to view Dayglow as a complement to Elysian’s flagship Space Dust. If Space Dust is the quintessential dank weed beer, Dayglow is magic mushrooms,” says Jerard Fagerberg of this IPA that’s dank and funky enough to match its trippy can art. “The Mosaic hops are operating at sensory overload, activating your deepest sinuses. A mangrove of tropical fruits awaits inside. Big, plump flavors of mango pop in the body. Each sip is like unwrapping a Starburst.”

91: Offshoot’s Retreat
“Offshoot packs tons of tropical fruit into Retreat: mango, guava, and pineapple. Though it's billed as hazy, Retreat is more opaque, as it is impossible to see through this gorgeous glass of golden-orange beverage,” Tucker Anders of this hazy double IPA. The aroma “bouquet of fruitiness that reveals a dank, piney undertone” and “plenty of juiciness” here.

93: Abnormal’s Hazy Dreams
“Abnormal’s Hazy Dreams is truly the stuff of haze-crazed hop-head’s dreams—the rare hazy IPA that shows why the style became popular in the first place,” writes Tucker Anders of this beer that “pours from an eye-catching solid, pale green can to reveal a bright golden body with just a fleck of orange tint” and “smells like a glass of peach-mango juice.”

94: Von Ebert Brewing’s Never Tell
“This beer is too good to keep a secret,” raves Jerard Fagerberg of this “imperial IPA propped up on a heap of Yakima-grown Simcoe and Mosaic hops.” “At 102 IBU, Never Tell is not trying to hide its hoppiness” and the “thick, resinous beer like it’s a broth made of hops and malt. It transforms your breath into a Douglas Fir air freshener.” The aroma loaded with “clementine and ruby red grapefruit” is “enough to turn any hophead into a bloodhound, sniffing around the party for the person who brought the Mosaic bomb.”

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