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Odd13's Intergalactic Juice Hunter Is Out of This World

November 18, 2020

By Tucker Anders, November 18, 2020

When it comes to hazy IPAs, the grail is the juice bomb. It’s that turbid, orange juice-looking glass of beer that’s the rare, bright blend of tropical and citrus fruits. It boasts just enough hop character to let you know this is, in fact, still a beer and not a drive-thru smoothie. And while it may feature a few shortcuts (adjuncts) to get there, you hardly mind as you blissfully enjoy the best the style has to offer.

Are you a fellow juice hunter? Well, you are not alone. In fact, take solace knowing the haze craze isn’t even confined to Earth. Colorado-based brewer Odd13 has the great beyond covered with its hazy double IPA’s namesake, the Intergalactic Juice Hunter. Awash in Galaxy, Amarillo and Simcoe hops, there is plenty of juice to be found in the nebula.

Intergalactic Juice Hunter pours just like a hazy IPA should—a glowing glass of opaque golden-orange. The can shows the Juice Hunter to be an interesting looking character, but if the aroma foreshadows the flavor to come, he located a major juice bomb. Huge notes of juicy fruit from across the spectrum fill the room as soon as the can is cracked.

My favorite quality of the Galaxy hop is the massive punch of passion fruit and peach it can deliver, and Intergalactic Juice Hunter has both in spades. The fruit dominates every second of the taste, but it isn’t alone either. Plenty of grassy, vegetal, fresh hop flavor joins the party too, while managing to keep the beer from veering into hop burn territory. A dose of the added lactose finishes things off with some milky sweetness to help smooth it out as well. 

Intergalactic Juice Hunter shows the power of Galaxy hops in the right hands. With this double IPA, Odd13 absolutely found the juice.

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