The Internet Is Freaking Out Over PBR Hard Coffee

July 11, 2019

By Matthew Zuras, July 11, 2019

The beer aisle is starting to look damn weird. We’re not talking about ramen-infused goses and Lucky Charms-flavored IPAs, although plenty has been said about adjunct-addled brewers tossing a bodega’s worth of oddball ingredients into their beers—and not all of it bad.

Instead, the beer aisle is starting to look a lot less beer-y. Hard seltzer, which boasts less sugar and fewer calories than most beers, now competes for shelf space. Naturdays, Natty Light’s summer-ready radler aimed at drinkers “who like strawberry lemonade and drinking beer,” has become something of a hot button brew among cognoscenti who would be otherwise mortified to admit liking a mass-produced fruit beer. (Although it does have its detractors.) Just this week, we reviewed a “hard kombucha seltzer” produced by a sour beer brewery, blurring all of the already hazy lines between fermented beverages.

And just last week, Pabst entered the fray with the announcement of PBR Hard Coffee, “a great tasting vanilla infused premium iced coffee with a 5% ABV kick.” Cue the many, many jokes about hipsters’ twin loves of PBR and iced coffee.

Odd as it may sound at first blush, however, the reaction appears to have been a near-universal thumbs up, with several Untappd users favorably comparing the brew to Yoo-hoo. And on Twitter, the mere idea of Hard Coffee elicited the sound of many a slavering Millennial tongue:

Pabst confirmed that Hard Coffee is currently limited to test markets in Pennsylvania, Maine, New Jersey, Florida, and Georgia—but that has only stoked the fervor online, with Twitter users demanding to know when the caffeinated booze will be available in their local stores. 

Of course, not everyone’s on board the Hard Coffee train:

But if the reaction of the rest of the internet’s beer fans is any indication, we expect to see beer aisle shelves full of Hard Coffee and its inevitable copycats in the near future.

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