Perfect Beers: Our Top-Rated Brews

November 16, 2018

By October Staff, November 16, 2018

Perfection is a highly subjective concept, both in beer and life, and not a term that we throw around lightly. That being said, every once in a great while we come across a beer that’s all but impossible to fault. Of the hundreds of reviews our team has meted out, from glowing to godawful, less than a dozen were good enough to warrant a perfect score. These are the beers that blew us away, the classics we can’t forget and the main bottles we want to be drinking as 2018 winds down. Maybe you agree with our verdict and maybe you don’t—at the end of the day, all that matters is that these are some damn fine brews.

Brooklyn Brewery’s Sorachi Ace
“‘Sunshine in a glass,’ is how Brooklyn likes to describe its Sorachi Ace beer, a perfect parallel to its springtime characteristics. Every whiff and sip is going to deliver the core of what the hop is about, a vehicle for grassy and herbal aromas and tastes.” — Bryan Roth

Off Color Brewing’s Apex Predator
“Lemon, lime and grapefruit are abundant to the nose and palate, as are hints of coriander, peppercorn, and some grassy and floral notes. It finishes dry and crisp, almost like a champagne.” — Jared Paventi

Tree House Brewing Company’s Julius
“Julius is the new white whale, the Heady Topper of the next generation of New England IPAs, inspiring beer drinkers from across the country to converge on rural Massachusetts for the privilege of standing in line and buying their allotment." — Jared Paventi

Russian River Brewing Company’s Pliny the Elder
“Pliny represents a complete package, a well-built machine reliant on numerous forces working together in sync. You cannot help but feel the weight of IPA history in your hands.” — Adam Jaime

3 Floyds Brewing Company’s Zombie Dust
“The aroma is full of huge citrus notes and a brightness that is reminiscent of the best wet hop beers. Pine and some dank resinous and grassy qualities peak out from behind the citrus and tropical fruit bouquet.” — Tucker Anders

Hill Farmstead Brewery’s Everett
“In the body, there are just waves of flavors: From a biscuit, cracker-ish bite of the toasted malts to bitter chocolate and coffee to the nuanced sweetness of the finish.” — Matt Osgood

Maine Beer Company’s Dinner
“It won’t punch you in the mouth with a hop bomb. Your salivary glands won’t well up from the overwhelming juiciness featured in many of the beers of the same style. Dinner balances these things exquisitely.” — Chris Woodard

Toppling Goliath Brewery’s King Sue
“It’s a big, fresh pillow of succulence. Press your forehead to the floor and thank the sky sovereigns that this beer exists. ”  — Jerard Fagerberg

Allagash Brewing Company’s Coolship Resurgam
“There’s a complexity in the aroma that elicits fruit and funk, the middle is a wave of textured tartness and earthiness, and the finish is crisp and dry. It could be served oceanside with hand-shucked oysters and buttery steamed clams.” — Matt Osgood

Lawson’s Finest Liquids’ Sip of Sunshine
“A trailblazer that—despite the lack of haze—helped kick off the hazy IPA trend, Sip of Sunshine is a whale worth chasing. One of the first juicy, creamy and tropical IPAs out of New England, it also has distinct malt character and plenty of bitterness.” — Tucker Anders

Summit Brewing Company’s Keller Pils
“It’s officially a standby in Summit’s rich tradition of paradigm-shifting releases. The next generation of beer stewards will look back on this one as a classic.” — Jerard Fagerberg

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