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Reuben’s Brews Makes the Quintessential Robust Porter

January 16, 2019

By Jesse Bussard, January 16, 2019

Porter is one of the oldest beers. But in today’s saturated market, it can be hard to stand out from crowd when it comes to such a commonplace style. Enter Reuben’s Brews, a Seattle brewery that’s turning the tide on both classic and trendy styles. Among their lineup, the Robust Porter stands out as a quintessential example of a porter. Based on a recipe straight out of the the brewery founder’s homebrew recipe book, it’s a multi-award winning beer that will have dark beer lovers coming back for more.


Reuben’s keeps its branding simple and its focus on the beer, with a fairly unembellished label. Robust Porter flows out of the bottle a dark brown color. Ruby highlights shimmer when I hold it up to the light. A lavish, full tan head rests on top and persists, hugging the glass’s rim, well after pouring.


The first whiff of Robust Porter brings to mind freshly brewed coffee and dark chocolate—like a rich Sumatran dark roast blend. Swirling the beer in my glass, these rich notes blend with the  subtle smell of roasted malts beckoning me to take a sip.

Bold in aroma and flavor with a roasty bite, it’s what a robust porter should be.”


As the style implies, Reuben’s Robust Porter packs a punch not only in aroma, but also in flavor. Upfront the strong taste of dark chocolate is apparent. Light notes of herbal hop character and caramel are also present. Eventually, the cocoa notes give way to more intense flavors of smoke and roasted malt, which linger even after the beer goes down. All of this is complemented by an ample body and dry finish.


While only 5.9% ABV, this robust porter is what I’d call a beer of substance. Bold in aroma and flavor with a roasty bite, it’s what a robust porter should be, and it’s obvious to see why it’s received so many accolades. It’s definitely a beer I’ll be seeking out again.

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