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Saint Archer's Mexican Lager Is a Summer Crusher

April 15, 2019

By Tucker Anders, April 15, 2019

Mexican lager is the perfect summer session beer, light enough in flavor, feel, and alcohol to stand up to the hottest day. Immersed in San Diego’s rich Mexican culture, Saint Archer Brewing Company knows this all too well, and that’s why the brewery has gone with its Mexican Lager as its newest year-round core offering. Brewed with flaked corn to steer the beer away from a traditional American or German pilsner profile, Saint Archer may have just created a rival for the best beers south of the border.


Mexican Lager is crystal clear and bright straw yellow, with tons of swollen bubbles making up a thick head. The carbonation rising up the glass is mesmerizing—it’s a very active and vibrant-looking beer. Add in the bright blue can and Saint Archer’s Mexican Lager simply demands a summer day.


A deep inhale reveals a delicate aroma of clean lager yeast, corn, and light breadiness, like a sweet and yeasty cornbread dough. A light touch of bright hoppiness with lemon and grass steers the aroma back into more normal territory and provides a hint that this is an American take on a Mexican classic.

Mexican Lager begs for a wedge of lime and a sunny day, and would be an excellent base for a spicy michelada or tangy beermosa.”


The first taste confirms what I expected from the aroma, as Mexican Lager is crisp, clean, and refreshing. That flaked corn addition brings light corn sweetness, reminiscent of a good corn tortilla. Nice, prickly carbonation makes the delicate flavors pop, and pairs with a touch of hop presence to dry out the finish. It’s an understated and balanced flavor profile, and that is by design.


Saint Archer isn’t afraid to be straightforward, allowing the simplicity and quality of its ingredients to shine through. It is that restraint that allows this beer to reach its potential, and while that ceiling may not be as high as with other styles, Mexican Lager is still a summer crusher. It begs for a wedge of lime and a sunny day, and would be an excellent base for a spicy michelada or tangy beermosa. Grab a six-pack of Saint Archer’s Mexican Lager and get your summer started early.

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