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Sixpoint Sweet Action Puts Substance Over Style

June 13, 2019

By Jerard Fagerberg, June 13, 2019

Sixpoint calls their Sweet Action ale a “vibe”. They’re reluctant to label it a blonde ale or a cream ale or a wheat beer, settling to present it as something in between that you just have to try in order to understand.


Sixpoint’s brew team are masters of froth. A whipped, peaking head of vanilla cream immediately forms atop the pour. Like Sixpoint’s flagship IPA Bengali, Sweet Action has an apricot-orange shimmer, but it settles into a honey brown body. If only you didn’t have to pour the beer out of one of those silly "nanokegs” that Sixpoint packages its beer in. It’s like drinking from a Virginia Slim.


Sweet Action smells like a grain mill. Right away, you inhale a toasty cloud of caramel malts and cracked kernels of wheat, while a pleasant current of lemon keeps things from getting syrupy sweet.

Why wring out your brain for something as arbitrary as a style?”


After a few puzzling sips, it’s clear why Sixpoint is so reluctant to plop this beer into a category. “Ale” is truly the best way to designate it. It’s plenty sweet, verging on the amber ale end of the spectrum. But it also has the summery citrus punch of a pale ale. Then you get the wheat, bolstering the refreshment factor with a dose of haze.


The intellectual exercise that comes with drinking a Sweet Action might an obstacle to enjoying it, but why wring out your brain for something as arbitrary as a style? Sweet Action is simple if you let it be. It’s a calm balance of malt and hops, delivered in an affable 12 oz. serving. Simple isn’t always amazing, but if the category of beer you enjoy is labeled “refreshing,” Sweet Action will fit squarely in your rubric.

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