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Southern Tier’s 8 Days a Week Is an Ale for Everyday Drinking

July 11, 2018

By Mike Wilpiszeski, July 11, 2018

The beer can is almost synonymous with the six-pack packaging it’s sold in. Six cans lined up in two rows connected by loops of plastic—or now the more environmentally friendly hard plastic toppers—is a comforting sight, whether in the fridge or a backyard barbecue. However, six beers wasn’t enough for Southern Tier. As one of the most recognizable and easily obtainable breweries on craft beer shelves throughout the East Coast, Southern Tier Brewing Company is a staple in the scene. Maybe that’s why they felt comfortable adding an unheard of two more beers to create unique packaging for its blond ale 8 Days a Week.


The can is simple yet alluring enough to draw you in—a bold claim that the beer is “Infinitely Drinkable” adorns the front of the label while a fun infinity sign created by hops and wheat sit on the side of the can. There’s no surprises for what you’re in for when you pour the beer from the can—a perfectly clean blonde ale. The head is minimal, an invitation to dive right in.

In the summer, this beer checks all the boxes: It’s easy drinking, delicious and, to be honest, the eight-pack doesn’t hurt either.”


A slight—and I mean slight—hop aroma is immediately followed by a welcoming wheat smell. The scent bridges the gap between both sides of my beer brain. That is, “I can drink many of these today” and “this is going to be delicious.” As the beer warms, the scent becomes more akin to a standard light beer, so definitely enjoy this one right out of the fridge.


Southern Tier’s website describes 8 Days a Week as “Refreshing, crisp and clean.” These words, to me at least, are utterly meaningless when it comes to describing a beer’s flavor. After all, isn’t water also all of these things? However, after drinking 8 Days a Week during this summer so far, I have to reluctantly agree with their description, with a few additions of course. The welcome wheat and bready yeast flavors that come with the territory of blonde ales are there. Additionally, a subtle sweet and citrusy hop flavor, with a touch of lemongrass, rounds out the beer. It’s Delicious enough to appreciate and simple enough to keep reaching for another can.


8 Days a Week is available year-round, but I can’t quite see myself reaching for it outside of the hot New Jersey summer months. In the summer, though, this beer checks all the boxes: It’s easy drinking, delicious and, to be honest, the eight-pack doesn’t hurt either. It really might be “infinitely drinkable.”

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