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Take a Hoppy Ride on Stone’s Tangerine Express

July 15, 2020

By Nathan Mattise, July 15, 2020

Stone Brewing wanted the world to know exactly what lurks within Tangerine Express, the brewer’s popular tangerine and pineapple IPA. That’s why, just this month, Stone formally added the word “hazy” to the beer’s official name. 

Of course, that would be painfully obvious to anyone who’s poured a Tangerine Express during the beer’s three-year existence. This is one of the prettiest beers around: big ol’ foam head, vibrant honey-colored liquid, and enough haze to make you think you’ve landed on the set of Annihilation

Though pineapple gets a shoutout in the beer’s description, tangerine is the star from the start. Breathe in that fresh wave of citrus and hops. Even for those who don’t particularly care for IPAs, a whiff of Tangerine Express can win you over—this remains one of the best beer smells you can find. 

No one rushes to find a beer’s IBU beforehand, but again Stone does not hide what Tangerine Express has in store. The bitterness scale goes up to 120, but this Hazy IPA hits its sweet spot at 75. Big grassy notes take over quickly with minimal citrus to be found. Over time, as your taste buds adjust to the intensity, the pineapple becomes as prominent as advertised. It’s a beer that becomes more balanced and pleasant as you make your way through the can. 

Intense flavors often develop devout followings—see: hot sauces—so it’s no surprise Tangerine Express has become so beloved in a short period of time. Oddly enough, it’s earned so much of a following that Stone turned it into a hot sauce. That sort of love can make Tangerine Express hard to come by, but if hops make your heart hustle, it’s worth seeking out Stone’s officially hazy IPA. 

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