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Sufferfest's Repeat Is a Low-Cal Kölsch You'll Want Again and Again

October 21, 2019

By Nathan Mattise, October 21, 2019

What is it with running and beer? On the heels of this unlikely post-marathon trend comes a newer beer made for runners, by runners. Long-distance runner Caitlin Landesberg founded San Francisco’s Sufferfest Beer Company in 2016, and in less than three years the brewer attracted enough of a crowd to become Sierra Nevada’s first ever acquisition this year. Sufferfest also recently started shipping its variety packs—which include its 95-calorie kölsch Repeat—across the country, which means it’s time to sprint to the nearest grocer.

Appearance and Aroma

Repeat’s slick can design mimics a track singlet. Poured into a glass, Repeat doesn’t have the lighter, golden wheat tones of other kölsch beers. Instead, it finishes deep gold and almost ambery, presumably due to the bee pollen with which it’s brewed. There’s a nice head on it to boot. Aroma-wise, this beer runs right to your nose and smells like a fresh kölsch, malty and slightly earthy with a little something extra, with just the faintest bit of honey. 

Lace up your shoes and run, don’t walk, to pick up this beer.”


For something that appears odd on paper, Repeat lives up to its name: I’d gladly have a second one. It’s on the bitter end of kölsches, with grass, lemon peel, malt, and again that faint pollen influence all coming through clearly, even upon the first sip. The beer is lighter in body compared to typical kölsches, but I’d never call it watery. Repeat has a very clean finish, delivering its pleasant bitterness and keeping moving, lingering only briefly on the tongue. 


While I haven’t tried every new brew aimed at runners, I’d be ecstatic to find Repeat awaiting me at my next post-race celebration. This is a light beer in terms of calories only—not flavor.  And Repeat’s signature addition makes it a buzzy little kölsch compared to its more traditional German peers, building upon the typical flavor profile without eradicating it. Lace up your shoes and run, don’t walk, to pick up this beer.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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