Sun King Brewery Opens Distillery in Indiana, More Beer News

July 07, 2018

By Sarah Freeman, July 07, 2018

As brewers continue to come up with new and creative ways to captivate drinkers, more and more are trying their hands at distilling. Enter Sun King and its new Carmel, Indiana distillery slash food hall slash bar. It isn’t the only Indiana brewery crossing the line into the spirits industry. 3 Floyds’ distillery is scheduled to open this fall.

All Hail the King

One of Indiana’s largest breweries is ready to make its entrance into the spirit world. Sun King Spirits Tap Room and Distillery opened in Carmel, Indiana this week, complete with a 15,000-square-foot craft distillery and tasting room. While Sun King Spirits is yet to release any of its own products, the opening team collaborated with regional distilleries to produce four limited-release spirits: gin, Jamaican-style rum, a neutral spirit and brandy aged in Sun King’s Lonesome Dove beer barrels. The tap room also offers Sun King beers, cocktails and slushies from its 32 taps as well as several food options—Mexican food, charcuterie and brick-oven pizzas—which are part of a built-in food hall. It’s yet another, or maybe the only, reason to go to Indiana. (The Full Pint)

No Beer For You

It’s common practice that before a performer takes the stage, they submit a list of requests for items that will be stocked in the green room. It’s called, as you probably know, the rider and is a long-respected tradition in the music industry that keeps musicians happy, fed and hydrated. Not so fast, says the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs. The orginnizers behind the Taste of Chicago will not be honoring Brandi Carlile’s request for a “case of local microbrews—no more than six IPAs” nor will Juanes get 36 bottles of extremely cold, good beer with “no Newcastle, Budweiser, Coors or Miller.” In addition to not supplying performers with alcohol, Taste of Chicago also won’t meet most of the requests on riders, from Pepperidge Farm soft-baked cookies to pre-show massages. Sorry, George Clinton. (Chicago Tribune)

Good to the Last Drop

Several dozens of glasses have been removed from a Birmingham, England restaurant chain, after customers complained they were getting shorted. The complaints that beers were being under-poured led to an investigation into the particular pint glasses. It concluded that the glasses in question were indeed 8.1 milliliters short of an Imperial pint (20 ounces). That means an official Birmingham Trading Standards investigation occurred over 1.64 teaspoons of lost liquid. Leave it to the British to make sure they are getting their money’s worth, especially when it comes to filling a proper pint. (BBC)

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